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  1. E46 Sedan FS: New OEM Front Left Window Regulator 51337020659

    SOLD. Hi everyone, I have a new in package window regulator for the driver's door (on US cars). It was purchased from a BMW dealership a while back but I ended up moving onto an F30 before installing. Fitment should be for all E46 sedans. BMW PN# 51337020659. This is the part on ECS tuning...
  2. Any E46 E46 front seats for sale

    For sale are 2 front seats from my 325xi, 2003. Bolster on drivers side outboard is torn open. Other than that they are pretty mint and fully functional. Until I figure out how to post pics on here text me for pics. 717682 4 2 six two
  3. Driver's Rear Clunk - Please Advise

    ///M3 Forum
    Just tonight I noticed a small clunking noise appearing to come from the rear driver's side. It's not very loud. I can't hear it when driving around town. I only noticed because I was driving through a drive-through restaurant and the sound reflected off the wall well enough for me to hear it...
  4. E46 Sedan Genuine BMW Front Window Regulator

    Parting Out
    Hey all, stepped into an F30 so won't be needed anymore. Asking $100 + shipping but can be picked up in Northern Virginia area. BMW part # is 51337020659. Regulator package is unopened and factory sealed.
  5. Broken xenon ??

    Lighting Forum
    Okay gues my driver side headlight is not working , when iturn headlights on only the passenger side is functional. So i took them out too replace but for some reason when switched , both headlights worked. Soo iput back to original position and turned on headlights and the lamp was on for my...
  6. Driver Side Window Issue '06 330 CI

    General E46 Forum
    I'm hoping this isn't a regulator issue, and a relatively easy fix... My driver side window has been gapping lately. It still does the 1/4" drop when I open the door. When I shut it, it looks like the first picture attached. It's not always that wide, but most of the time it is when I close the...
  7. Driver doesnt go as low as passenger seat?

    General E46 Forum
    in my 2002 325xi I noticed that adjusting my driver seat to the lowest setting still doesn't go as low as my passenger seat. noticed this while I was sitting in the passenger in another E46 im 6'2 and would like a bit more headroom but I also enjoy sitting as low as possible. I have the 10...
  8. driver mirror smashed.:help: need diy to remove and fix

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    hey guys, i had my car parallel parked and I was in a rush so I forgot to close the driver side mirror...:banghead: i come back a few hours later and it was smashed by a passing car:facepalm: i have a non power folding non memory mirror on an 02 325xi. steel gray paint. i need a diy to fix this...
  9. Reckless Driver Sped what?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I come to you for advice. My accident is best explained with the diagram, so please view those before answering my question. A simple summary of the accident is that I was traveling at 30 mph on a two laned road changing to include a left turn lane. I didn't need to turn left so I kept...
  10. FS: 2003 BMW M3 Xenon Headlight w/Ballast (Driver Side)

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hi, I'm currently selling my headlight (driver side, xenon) original. I got new lights (angels) and i won't be needing this anymore. it has 95k miles but still working perfectly good. My price is $400 OBO, this includes the ballast as well. here are some pics.
  11. FS: Horizontal Power Seat Actuator Adjusment

    Front and back power seat motor/actuator. Brand Spanking new, just bought from the dealer to replace my old one but turned out the only issue was the cable wasn't connected properly. Dealer wants 15% restocking fee because it's an electrical part. Part # 52108251415 This is for the driver side...
  12. FS: Window lifter switch, driver's side, sedan/wagon - SOLD

    For sale: Window lifter switch, driver's side Part number: 61318381518, superseded by part number 61316902184 Fits: E46 320i Sedan E46 323i Touring E46 323i Sedan E46 325i Touring E46 325i Sedan E46 325xi Touring E46 325xi Sedan E46 328i Sedan E46 330i Sedan E46 330xi Sedan Pics: I tested...
  13. FS: Used BMW E46 M3 OEM Fog Lights

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Looking for a replacement fog light? I have 1 Driver Side Fog Light with normal wear and tear up for sale. Everything is in working order. I also have 1 Passenger Side Fog Light that has the glass cracked but the housing is all intact. I figured instead of throwing it out, maybe someone...
  14. FS Driver Side Mirror - Coupe

  15. Middle lane? Meet middle finger

    BMW News from around the Web
    Middle Lane drivers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is an article from the Globe and Mail. Middle lane? Meet middle finger...
  16. BI XENON SHUTTER for driver side headlight problem

    Lighting Forum
    Does anyone know how to repair the shutter. My driver side headlight is stuck on high so when im driveing people keep flashing me to turn my high off. my passanger side is normal though. Please help!!!!!:facepalm: