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  1. 3D Printed HVAC relocation

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I just ordered a double din radio for my e46 out of 2002 however I was wondering if there is a possibility to print a "frame" to relocate the hvac unit instead of buying a whole relocation kit. Would this be possible? I can't imagine a reason why it wouldn't work/fit. Has somebody done...
  2. Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309 E46 Install - 9" Beauty!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Just installed Alpine Halo9 in my E46 and could not be happier. :excited: Makes any double DIN look tiny and also classes up the interior to boot!! :clap: Check it out. :woot:
  3. Help Flush Mounting Single DIN Head Unit

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I know this can be done given that there are DIYs on how to install a Double DIN unit in the dash. I have a Pioneer DEH-80PRS that I love for its sound quality (although operationally the menu system sucks) but I hate how it sticks out from the dash with the bulky center mount bracket. It...
  4. sat nav radio-Help

    General E46 Forum
    Today was my first time l completely took my radio as l had planned to put in a double din head unit from pioneer. I knew l had to get the radio harness and the facia kit etc. But when l finally figured out how to get the radio out l found to my disappointment that l had a blue and white...
  5. Introducing myself Android head Units

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Folks we are the seller referred to in this thread, I am Sean (Radioguy) . Yesterday we officially became a sponsor on your forum CLICK HERE and I hope that we can live up to your expectations ! I am a Canadian Eh (No not Chinese...
  6. WTB Android 4.0 double din navigation system (Enco B046 - Dynavin Clone)

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hey guys, Im looking for a used android 4.0 double din navigation system AKA ( Enco B046 - Dynavin Clone ) with all the plug for a complete install out the box. Let me know! Thanks Reed
  7. Pictoral DIY: e46 Nexus 7 Dash install

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    For background on this project you can check out my website(located in my profile or sig). As of now I have the nexus 7 in hand with the custom interface to mimic the new 2012 BMW Connected Drive system HVAC Controls have been relocated temporarily... See Here The Nexus Boot animation has been...
  8. Radio Bezels

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I have a single din radio bezel justified to the left and a double din radio bezel with the antenna connection and harness..... For the Single Din bezel............$20 For the Double Din.......$175 Antenna connection....$5 Wire Harness........$20 for info or me at...
  9. Carputer

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, I have seen may threads about installing a carputer and it is something I have managed to do over the summer, however i haven't completed it and need some advise. Currently my 7' lilliput screen has to be windscreen mounted, which is a pain when having to remove it every time i leave my...
  10. FS: Complete Pioneer NAV Unit w/ Installation Kit RARE!!!

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    FOR SALE Pioneer F90 bt Unit W/ Installation Kit!!! $600 Pioneer F90 bt unit with all accesories: ipod cable, gps antenna, microphone, rca cables UPDATED SOFTWARE 3.0 Antenna Adaptor Wiring Harness PAC steering wheel control module A/C single button relocation bracket Double Din Bezel...
  11. Fs:must look avic f-90bt with complete install kit

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    HELLO FANATICS After selling my beloved E 46 a few months ago. I am going through the closet and going to sale my avic f-90bt with updated 3.0 software. I personally installed and took it out. Unit is in flawless condition no scratches or mechanical misfuntion. I have everything you need for...
  12. FS: Pioneer Avic f90 , hid fog, stock grill, single din

    Parting Out
    Hello all Fanatics I have a few items availale after selling my beloved Bimmy So heres the deal I have a Pioneer Avic F-90 navigation unit updated to 3.0 and loaded with BMW start up screen SUPER COOL:woot: So I bought the unit like 4 months ago and installed it myself it really wasnt that bad...
  13. FS: Kenwood Excelon DNX9140 w/ HVAC relo kit, custom bezel, & iphone kit - $1,200 OBO

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    FS: Kenwood Excelon DNX9140 w/ HVAC relo kit, custom bezel, & iphone kit - $1,200 OBO fanatics! i'm parting out my car and i think this item deserves its own thread! i've been parting out my car for the past few weeks, and my excelon head unit has to be one of my favorite things that i'm...
  14. Reverse Camera Install AVIC-Z110BT DD

    The Showroom
    Reverse Camera Install AVIC-Z110BT DD DOUBLE DIN Finally installed the Reverse Cam to finish up my DD install. My eBay cam actually shipped alot quicker from overseas than I expected and was WAY better quality than I expected. :thumbsup: Fit perfectly for where I wanted to mount it and the...
  15. Winter Project Double Din Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Thanks to this amazing forum and lots of research I decided to finally tackle the infamous E46 Double Din Project as a Winter Project this past weekend. Broke the project down into several stages over 2 days and made the install much less stressful and actually kind of fun. :loco: Only wish I...
  16. FS: Janus Designs DBL DIN Kit

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    FS: Janus Designs DOUBLE DIN Kit DD For sale is 1 Brand New Double Din Install kit (brackets only, NO BEZEL). $125 shipped. PM's...
  17. Speaker and Carputer Installation. Pics.

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Take a look and see if this helps you out... The following is a brief compilation of images that record the series of steps I took in installing new component speakers, two subwoofers, two amps, and eventually a carputer. I had previously documented my speaker and amp install here. Thanks to...
  18. SOS!!! After Double Din Install

    General E46 Forum
    I am truly regretting that i ever did this E46 double din install.:banghead: Ok First of i did the entire install myself. followed instructions very well. and everything works fine.... audio and video wise. On the other hand now my ac is blowing but its not cold AT ALL!! and the instrument...
  19. Double Din Complete Install Kit w/HVAC Relocation Unit

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    ** Euro-Spec | Double Din Complete Install Kit w/HVAC Relocation Unit ** :thanks: $299.99 shipped within lower 48
  20. Climate Control Box Dark

    General E46 Forum
    I've been working on a double din radio install. I disconnected the climate control box to relocate it in the lower section. Now when I connect it the screen on the control box is dark, and the blowers run at full blast with full heat. I haven't checked yet for a blown fuse. I'm hoping...