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  2. FS: Interior out of 323ci

    Hey guys. I swapped my interior out on the 323ci. So whats out is going up for sale. Black Heated Auto Front seats out of 323ci Driver side: Passenger side: Black front door panels. No speakers Excellent condition, Black rear panels. Picture will be up tomorrow Black M3 rear seat...
  3. Door Interior Unsticking? HELP!!

    General E46 Forum
    hey everyone, this morning i look at both my front doors and i realize that the airbag section on the doors is unsticking? its like there is a big airbubble inside of it? Below is the part i mean, but, how can i fix that? do i have to dismantle the door? thanks everyone btw: that is not my...
  4. Possible to use door help: use panels from donor car vs body shop fixing dents?

    General E46 Forum
    A friend of a friend backed into my passenger side and left a large dent in both the front and rear passenger door at bumper height. The autobody shop quoted $2200 (majority in labor for welding tabs, pulling out dents, only about $390 for painting) for the insurance to pay to fix it. But...