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dome light

  1. e39 dome light w/map lights & mood lights swap

    Lighting Forum
    Hey folks, Just back from pick and pull & I'm chopping up my electrical system!! Woo. I plan to update with pics, but the story go's i just bought a 99 323i, 180k on the odo so some things need a fixn. The dome light was one of those things, it didnt work at all but the button turned the...
  2. 2000 323i Sedan Dome Light Question

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2000 323i Sedan and it came with the dome light and no maps lights. I found a replacement unit online (ebay) that had the two integrated map lights. Everything I had found to this point indicates the unit with the integrated map lights should plug right in and work. I received the new...
  3. SOME Interior lights not illuminating when door opens

    Lighting Forum
    I have done a search :read: in the threads and have come up with a good starting points as far as the problem (door lock assemblies) But I wanted to see if someone could point me to a fuse or module to check before I swap out the assemblies. My Vehicle: 323i - Factory Lights (exterior (no...
  4. INTERIOR LED Lights for Sale

    Recently I found a sweet deal on interior lights (dome/Rear: 194/T10, Vanity/Trunk: 42mm, and Foot: 39mm) for my 2000 BMW 323ci E46 and it's DOPE!! I always use this forum for DIYs and just advice in general but could never really contribute until now. So this is what I can do. I'm selling...
  5. WTB Dome light

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Anyone selling a 1999 e46 dome light? I need the one that only has one switch and two bulbs.
  6. F.S. 2002 Sedan (silver trim, dome light, change holder, ashtray, and more..)

    I recently totaled my car :( ..... After insurance looked at the car I went and took what I could. It was a 2002 325I. Buyer pays shipping I live in 75067. DFW Locals can pick up at a discounted price. Let me know if anybody wants more pictures. Silver trim just missing the center...
  7. Short Somewhere?

    General E46 Forum
    E46 - 2001 325I Fasten seat-belt light stays on and the airbag light illuminates dimly. When opening the passenger-side vanity mirror light, the radio turns off, but those two other lights (seat and airbag) go out. Also affects the interior dome light. Any hints?