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  1. ECU is not responding, is there an easy fix for replacing DME/ECU???

    General E46 Forum
    The vehicle is a 2002 330ci automatic with 130000 original miles. The car came from an auction so I don't have any previous information. The car runs rough (has a misfire) and CEL. I plug in my scanner and after the automatic detection process tells me my specific model, it starts to connect...
  2. Shark injector chronicles

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    I bought a shark injector software tune from turner motorsport for my 2005 330ci zhp and was a little weary to install it because of two reasons, the first being that I live in california and every 2 years I have to smog my car, and the second being that the instructions are littered with legal...
  3. 02 325i 260,000k has no highway speed flat pedal *VANOS SEALS??*

    General E46 Forum
    just bought a relatively clean 2002 325i with 260,000k. Idle is quite smooth and no odd sounds. it does need vcg done immediately, I was also going to do the vanos seals, and spark plugs at the same time. Considering what Ive read on here about the usual VANOS symptoms, it may seem like the...
  4. S54 swap

    General E46 Forum
    finally getting down to the important questions..... what mods to the wiring harness would be fully necessary for this swap to work.......if i got the harness in perfect condition with the ews and dme?? nothing damaged! cuz all the swaps that i see on here there cutting the harness to connect...
  5. Auto to Manual Swap.. DME question???

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    I am doing a auto to manual swap. I have for the most part found the parts list for everything I will need to do it. I called the bmw dealer near me to ask them if the ECU needs to have the software changed on it after the swap. I was told that the DME is what will need different software and...
  6. ***BMW ECU programming solution*** OPEN DISCUSSION inside please

    Forced Induction Forum
    Hi all, I'm an experienced tuner (Mitsubishi, GM cars) and I want to have a open discussion with anybody that has information on tuning BMW's. OR any kind of information you want to share, or spare ecu you can donate "temporary".. I found the hardware that is needed for READ/WRITE "KWP2000+...