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  1. Let's Play: Who Can Help Me First - Instrument Cluster Problem?

    General E46 Forum
    Don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I just took my car to get fully detailed by a professional, and when I got in my car to take it home, there was a hair on the instrument cluster plastic, so I took my MF cloth and wiped it off. Well, in doing so, the display where it tells if...
  2. E46 Business CD - TEXT display

    hi there my 2005 318i comes with Business CD and plays MP3 but it does not show the track name! :( all it shows is Track number and thats all is there any way to activate TEXT display? btw... it shows the station name in the FM radio
  3. This things actually pretty cool, but

    General E46 Forum
    Would you buy it?
  4. Can you get a 323CI Display

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I ve seen the Bezel Lilliput, but i was wondering if i could put one similar or exactly the same as the M3 navigation system.:cry: May some1 plz help me on how to get a display similar..thnx!:woot:
  5. Navigation start up blank screen cold weather

    General E46 Forum
    Just bought a 2003 330CiC with all the toys, and the navigation is a little strangely behaved. It can take between 15 and about 40 minutes to start up when the weather is below 50 degrees (f). The blank screen flickers a bit, but displays nothing. Radio works fine and unit is responsive to...