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  1. Is this too much radial driveline play?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, Sorry if this sort of problem has been addressed before but I haven't managed to find much information that's useful for me from searches. I've got what I feel like is a lot of radial play in the driveline of my e46 320i. Along with this, I've got quite a clunk from the rear of my...
  2. FS: 2 x Rear half-shafts (propshaft) CV boot kit OE GKN #33217840673 for E46 M3, Z3, Z4, 840/850ci

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Never got around to installing these so I'm just selling them. These are the inner boot kits where our halfshafts/propshafts meet the differential. They sell for $31.26 each on FCP. If you have a tear in your boots or if they look like they're going, or you're replacing things anyway, you should...
  3. Proper amount for front and rear diff fluid change?

    E46 Xi Forum
    Hi fanatics, What is the correct amount of new fluid to put into the front and rear diff? While most DIYs just say to drain it out and fill it up again until it drains out of the fill plug, I saw some comments that said there is a specific amount that should be re-filled, and that filling it...
  4. LSD for 3.46 Diff

    General E46 Forum
    Hello! this is my first post on the site and I have hopefully a quick question. I have a 2003 325i, and I'm planning on switching the stock 3.08 diff for the auto 3.46 diff. I also want to make the 3.46 an LSD, I'm looking at 1.5 way LSD's and just making sure that I'd have to buy the LSD for...
  5. Clunk coming from rear only when shifting into gear

    General E46 Forum
    First post on this site, and I'm sure 100 people have posted this exact same thing (so my apologies in advance), but i find the search function in all forums frustrating. Even if someone can link me to good threads i'll be happy :) Brought my 2000 323i (175k km)(manual tranny) to about 3...
  6. Any BMW FS: Low-Mile M54 + AT + DS + Diff

    Engine & Performance
    Hello all, I recently picked up a '04 325iT with the Steptronic. The touring was purchased from New Country Mercedes Benz in Hartford, CT; the dealer deemed it too nice for the auctions, so it underwent presale inspection and maintenance, performed by the BMW dealership owned by the same parent...
  7. (COMPATIBILITY) 320d rear axle carrier on a 318i

    General E46 Forum
    Hello. Does anyone know if the rear axle carrier from a 320d (OEM part 33316770830) bolts on a 318i. I know the diesel axle carrier has two extra vibration absorbers ( 33311092256) but i'm hoping that the mounting point distances to the chassis are the same. Has anyone done this? Thanks.
  8. New Member, Old Car - Rumble with foot on pedal

    General E46 Forum
    Hello all, I just picked up my first E46, an '04 330XI Automatic. I’ve been looking at a Coup/M3 for a while but haven’t been able to pull the trigger yet (wife…child…). I happened across this ‘04 by chance, which are always the best deals, and seems to be the perfect winter car, and I...
  9. Any E46 3.91 lsd for trade

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Hi I am in the central VA area and would like to trade my 3.91 lsd that locks up great for a 3.91 open diff. I would want to trade the whole the diff and the carrier as one unit so I would not have to take apart and deal with reinstalling the ring and pinion. By the way this is coming out of a...
  10. BMW e46 330i Driveshaft question

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, I recently bought my first BMW and got very low knowledge about BMWs in general hence why I am here :) I just bought a differential from an automatic with the ratio 3,73 and mounted it onto my BMW. Now i need to make my driveshaft just a tiny bit longer and im quite confused. From what i...
  11. 328i 1999 Touring E46 Diff question

    E46 Touring
    Hey everyone! i have tried searching all over the world wide web without succes :facepalm: as the title state i want to replace my old diff with a higher gear, i'm driving with the stock 2.93 want to upgrade to 3.23. both the 323Ci M52 runs with 3.23 and 316 M43 runs with 3.23. what i know...
  12. 3.46 Diff swap on 323i

    General E46 Forum
    Im thinking of doing a diff swap on my 323i 5 speed. I am unsure on a few things though. Can you use a diff from an automatic car on a manual transmission? Does the diff from 325 or 330s fit onto a 323i drive shaft? Do any other car diffs fit on the 323i? What would be the best place to get a...
  13. WTB 4.10 ring and pinion

    Engine & Performance
    pm me if you have a 4.10 setup youre trying to get rid of
  14. Very weird. Speed Dependent Sound from Rear. Wheel Bearing?

    General E46 Forum
    So all of a sudden, my car started making a noise from the rear. It sounds offset to the right slightly and it's almost like driving on studded tires or like the engine revving up, coming in around 20mph, and getting higher pitched as the speed increases but only a little louder. At 50 or 60 it...
  15. E46 m3 spool in non M e46?

    General E46 Forum
    I've searched up and down the forums for an answer to this question but I haven't seen anyone answer it, I know that a E46 M3 diff won't fit on a non M without having a whole rear assembly and subframe come with it, but can you just take out the actual LSD spool or unit out of the diff housing...
  16. WTB E46 M3 Rear Differential (LSD 3.62)

    Parting Out
    Like title states, blew up my differential on my 02 m3 and need a new one yesterday as its my daily. If you have one for sale and in good condition let me know. I need an m3 LSD stock gearing is preferred but will pay more if custom gearing.:craig: Don't pm me if it's off a car with 150k miles...
  17. Differential swap

    General E46 Forum
    Can you swap a us spec diff with a euro sec diff? Ive read euro is a little bigger. If it is swappable am I looking at clearance issue? Maybe a new drive shaft?
  18. Any BMW WTR: Front (small) diff bushing tool in SF Bay area by Fri

    E46 BMW Tools for sale or rent
    Title says it all. Hopefully someone in San Francisco has one I can borrow for the day. Need it by Friday morning.
  19. Any E46 Koch Tools for Differential Bushings *cheap deposit*

    E46 BMW Tools for sale or rent
    These are two different tools that have the ability to remove and install all three differential bushings on your E46. They may be rented separately or together depending on availability. Deposit for single tool is $100/ Rental fee of $30 Deposit for both tools $200/ Rental fee of $50 I ship...
  20. Differential rocking when accelerating and stopping

    General E46 Forum
    Okay i posted on the M3 forum about how my rear end is making noises, and it turns out that my differential is rocking back and forth during stopping and accelerating. Im posting it here because the principals are the same and i believe e46 could have the same problems therefore, I'm wondering...