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    Parts4Euro.com | DEPO, HELIX Projector Headlights, CCFL Angel Eye Ring Kit & Lenses Chrome Angel Eye Projector Headlights (Pre-Facelift Sedan and Wagon Only) PLEASE ORDER HERE Smoked Angel Eye Projector Headlights (Coupe Only PLEASE ORDER HERE E46 Coupe Head Light Lenses...
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    Parts4Euro.com | *** DEPO & HELIX Clear & Smoked Corners, Reflectors & Blinkers *** Helix Crystal Smoked Side Blinkers for E46 Facelift Sedan & Coupe PLEASE ORDER HERE Helix Clear Side Blinkers for E46 Pre-facelift Sedan & Coupe PLEASE ORDER HERE Helix Smoked Side Blinkers for E46...
  3. Lighting
    I purchased new DEPO brand headlights with the factory Angel Eyes and need help installing them. I have two different wiring harnesses one that came with them and another set that DDM Tuning sent me thinking they sent me the wrong one. Well two harnesses and not a clue how to install either one...
  4. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    E46 Coupe LED Depo Tail Lights - $80 shipped New In box, got them and won't work on my car and don't want to go through steps at dealer to get them to work. They are in box and am asking $125 shipped. Let me know if you have trades or offers.
21-24 of 25 Results