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demon eyes

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    Hey i have a 04 325i with stock halogens i wanted to get some angel eyes but.. 1. I don't know of anywhere to get them online for cheap but great quality, so if you guys have a recommendations please tell me. 2. I have those ugly ass yellow daytime running lights so when i do install the...
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    I have for sale a set of Umnitza Orion V2 6000k rings for a e46 M3. I had them on my car for about a week and switched to 4300k. You will just need to buy the harness from Umnitza for $20 bucks. Price: $90 + shipping
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    I know red and blue represent emergency vehicles but does this article according to GA law make red ones legal?? please red it before posting thanks :)
  4. Hugh's 2002 M3 - Demon Eyes

    Hugh's 2002 M3 - Demon Eyes