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  1. Wheels and Tires
    Im located in Rockland County NY. I will not be shipping these, they are pickup only. Selling these fresh looking rims. Avant Garde Type 310 Wheels Matte Black. Front Wheel:19x8.5/ET-35. Rear Wheel:19x9.5/ET-40. Still have my receipt from purchase. Had them on my 99 323i. All four have tires...
  2. Suspension, Brakes
    I ordered a set of H&R Sport Springs - 29484 from this site yesterday. They are charging $217 for a set, plus shipping, which was $12 for me. The site is a little odd, and they don't have much in the way of BMW inventory. I found them on a Google Shopping search. I checked them out with several...
  3. E46 General
    I want to let you be one of the first ones to know that I've started a group buying / daily deals site just for auto enthusiasts: http://Kabiela.com/ -- think of it as a Groupon for car nuts. Not only will we offer deep discounts on car parts and services, but also bring some structure to...
1-3 of 5 Results