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  1. My e46 just died while I was driving. HELP!

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, My 2001 325i was driving 'fine' til yesterday ('fine' as in i've been driving it with lean codes which I haven't gotten to still). JUST NOW, I took it out to my normal route but heard weird CLANKING noises under the hood while driving. It sounded as if a metal pole was loose under my...
  2. Electrical system DEAD

    General E46 Forum
    Soooo, I was changing the General Module 5 in my BMW 328i 1998 and I didnt think of disconnecting the battery. :facepalm: And now, EVERYTHING is dead. When I turn on the ignition nothing happens, and no lights are working. Basically, everything is dead. Has anyone had this problem? If so, how...
  3. something we should all know

    E46 Xi Forum
    our keys will die if they dont get used ofthen enough, and when that happens you either hack it or buy a new expensive key. When i bought my car months ago the dealer informed me that i will have 2 keys but can only use 1 because the previous owner had never used the spare. i tried using it and...
  4. No start

    General E46 Forum
    Hi this is my first BMW so I'm new to this. I have a no start on my 99 328i. Wasn't getting spark. I moved the orange wire that grounds onto the valve cover and it started. Then it shut off again a little bit later and won't start back up. Any ideas?
  5. Car Won't Start!!!!

    General E46 Forum
    What's Up everyone, Not really new, but haven't posted. So I let my 01 325ci Manual sit last winter and I neglected her and now the car doesn't want to start. I've tried starting the car a few times, but I haven't really dedicated time to solving the issue. Can anyone help me with sort of like...
  6. HELP! BMW 325i not starting

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all! I'm very VERY new to this so bear with me! :) I just purchased a 2001 BMW 325i. The car sat in the drive for a little while while I worked out insurance (this is my first car). It wouldn't start, but I had a friend charge me up and jump the car. It worked and I drove it for a little...
  7. FS: e46 Kick Panel/Dead Pedal - Schwarz/Black - New - $12.50

    SOLD The item is still new, and was only pulled out to try to be installed, but was quickly identified as being the wrong part. This item is supposed to fit E46 323Ci, 325Ci, 328Ci, 330Ci models. I have read that it should fit 2000 - 2006 e46 coupes and convertibles...
  8. Car is not starting 330xi

    General E46 Forum
    Recently my 330xi has been not starting after leaving it overnight. I changed the battery because I was not sure the last time it was replaced. The problem still occurred and I checked for lights staying on in the trunk glove box etc. No lights are staying on that I can see, Battery is good...
  9. HELP with dead clutch pedal ... I'm new here and to BMW.

    General E46 Forum
    Greetings everyone. I'm new to this forum, I live in PR and own a VW Jetta MK4 with a few mods, but my wife owns a stock '99 std 323i. Problem I have with the 323i is that the clutch pedal is completely dead. I used the car yesterday perfectly. Today when I depressed the clutch pedal it went...
  10. Sold sold sold

    Sold sold sold
  11. FS: E46 M# aftermarket dead pedal

    Like title says i have a e46 m3 dead pedal for sale. Come with the 4 screws and the 1 dead pedal. :D SOLD
  12. Driver side speakers, both front and rear, VERY quiet...

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    hi :) being a teenager, i play my music very loud and today, i was driving along with the music blasting, but at a level i always have it, and the whole of the driver side speakers went really quiet :censor: wtf?? i thought it was just the front driver side speaker, but using the fader...
  13. Dead key on BMW 325? Try this first.

    General E46 Forum
    My key died, and naturally, I searched E-46 for advice. Instead of the $240 new key from BMW, the thread suggested opening the key and replacing the battery. (FWIW, I did this on my wife's Mazda with a battery from CVS, a screwdriver and DIY from the owner's manual) Kinda buried in the thread...