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  1. UK
    Hi all, So I've read and searched and read and searched and I have a couple of mates who are handy with ncs and inpa, but I'd rather try and get this narrowed down before he starts playing around. The problem with searching is everyone wants to swap to manual trans not auto, and I've got the...
  2. E46 General
    Hi guys!! I solve one mysterious disorder for a friend [e46 320d / M47TU / made 09-2003] Problem description: The engine cannot be started, but after the DDE unit has cooled in the freezer - the engine can be started after a few minutes of DDE cooling in the freezer and reconnection. When...
  3. DDE

  4. 2004 325 cic

    2004 325 cic w/dde
  5. Phosphyre Enhanced Halos DDE's

    I now have a Black Kidney Grill.
  6. Gen V DDE Nose

    Blurry Gen V angel eyes
  7. Gen V DDE

    Extreme Gen V close up
  8. DDE sig

  9. Soothing

    Whitening turned down on camera to give abetter effect for the photo
  10. DDE Gen V

    Different angle
  11. Hulk Eyes

    with green and yellow filters
  12. DDE Gen V

    Night shot!! What a Beast!!
  13. DDE Gen V

    Close up shot of lght with Filter
  14. DDE

    Need Gen V's
  15. DDE GEN.V

    Finally,I've finished installation of DDE V.
1-19 of 19 Results