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  1. Electronics
    Hi there, I have a Dynavin e46 android and the touchscreen has stopped working, can anyone recommend a company who carries out repairs on these units in the UK? thanks in advanced
  2. Electronics
    Hello Fantics! :-) I have a Dynavin D99 wich i bought with a Windows CE software on it from the factory. Now i have been searching for a way to format the software to Android, but without any luck... Can anybody in here give som advice on how i can do this? The Windows system is so slow and...
  3. E46 General
    I've had my D99 for a couple months now. I had to re-install the ROM multiple times just to get the WiFi function to work and 2 more times after that before it would successfully download and install apps. Currently apps install but will not launch (and have never launched as this is the first...
  4. Electronics
    Dynavin Navigation info: D99 PLUS (D99+)......Fall 2012 Dynavin "D99 PLUS" Dynavin has made some running changes to their D99 platform Audio/Video/Navigation Systems, some of you who are particularly perceptive may have already noticed. :read: Although most of the changes are subtle...
  5. Electronics
    Dynavin D99 Here we go.... Just like the threads I started in the past, Im starting an official Dynavin D99 thread since these new units are now out and shipping. Ill be adding to and filling out this post over the next few days and weeks. This thread is for D99 questions and info only. In...
1-5 of 6 Results