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  1. Electronics
    I recently installed a Dynavin D99+ WinCe into my 2002 M3. For the most part the installation went well and I have had no major issues. My only problem so far is getting my iPod Nano as well as my iPhone 5 (iPod only) to interface with the Dynavin system. I have had no problems with my iPhone 5...
  2. E46 General
    I've had my D99 for a couple months now. I had to re-install the ROM multiple times just to get the WiFi function to work and 2 more times after that before it would successfully download and install apps. Currently apps install but will not launch (and have never launched as this is the first...
  3. Electronics
    I registered because after a couple of hours of searching I couldn't find any information on this at all, and I'm hoping someone will know the answer. I've got an Android D99+ installed in my A3 (but you guys here at E46fanatics seemed to be most in the know about Dynavin!) and I'm disappointed...
  4. Electronics
    Dynavin Navigation info: D99 PLUS (D99+)......Fall 2012 Dynavin "D99 PLUS" Dynavin has made some running changes to their D99 platform Audio/Video/Navigation Systems, some of you who are particularly perceptive may have already noticed. :read: Although most of the changes are subtle...
1-4 of 4 Results