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  1. d2s/d2r/d2c tp H4 adapter?

    Lighting Forum
    I purchased "angel eye" ccfl headlights that are like the depo ones for my 2001 330i sedan and noticed the bulb fitment is for h4 bulbs but my car has HID's from the factory. Ive looked online and can only find adapters with a reflective shield on it so it wont be good on my projector lenses...
  2. fs: CATZ 6500K HID Xenon lamps (D2R)

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    selling a brand new pair (still in sealed box) of 6500K Catz HID xenon lamps. Lamps are D2R (for reflector based headlamps) and have oem p32d bases. selling for $140. pm me if interested.