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  1. Driveline
    Hey fanatics, I know plenty of people are always searching for high quality aftermarket parts. Exhaust cutouts are a huge market filled with junk products. After testing for a year, I decided to bring my own to the market so people can actually have something reliable and enjoy. Want to be loud...
    $83 USD
  2. E46 General
    Hey everyone. I have a 2000 323i Sport Wagon and I just bought an electric cutout kit to get a variable muffler delete. After watching some videos, I've noticed that the sound is very different when placed before the second resonator. So I'd like your thoughts on where to put it. I definitely...
  3. E46 Touring
    Hey everyone. So I have decided that I want to do an electric cutout on my exhaust system. I'd like to have the original stock sound for cruising and not sounding obnoxious, but still get a loud, aggressive, crackly sound for car meets, empty parking garages, tunnels, and underpasses. Here's...
  4. E46 Touring
    Hello, all. I have a 2000 BMW e46 323i Sport Wagon. It's not a fast car and I don't have the desire or funding to make it fast. All I want to do is make it sound a little less like a minivan and a little more like a sports car. I have already fitted a K&N cone filter directly to the intake in...
1-4 of 4 Results