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  1. Fender and Bumper upgrades?

    E46 Xi Forum
    My neighbor backed into my car and broke the front bumper and right fender. He's paying me cash, so I thought it'd be a nice opportunity to upgrade them to m3 fender and ZHP bumper. Is that an easy hot swappable task or is it more involving? My goal is not to exceed the amount he's giving me...
  2. Any E46 FS: Custom Upholstered Project Recaro Pole Positions (w/hardware)

    Hey what's up everyone, up for sale is a custom project set of Recaro Pole Positions that only really got up to 95% completed due to problems with the shop I was working with getting closed down and just a lot of going back and forth with them. At some point I ended up getting another set of...
  3. Carbon Fiber wrapping my e90 interior

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    Hi, Started wrapping a new interior set for my e90 335 sedan. Found and using a new cloth which is black CF with a red tracer.... Just got them back from painter who did the clear coat for me... Thoughts? after first resin and initial trim: the set after 1 coat: The set after 4...
  4. Black/Grey Interior

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys I have a complete stock 2001 BMW 330ci interior, I have done some exterior mods and now I am going to work on the interior. I was wondering if anyone had a cool custom Black/Gray interior that they have done. I am looking to just get a cool idea on what other people have done. Thanks!:)
  5. E46 Coupe Turbo 330Ci

    Complete Cars - Private
    This is my listing as it appears on eBay (item will post at 7:45pm today). Sorry for confusion --- The vehicle has a Buy it now of $14,000.00 I also have a reserve price set. The listing on eBay has picture of engine (but not from underside where turbo and custom exhaust work are apparent)...
  6. Status Gruppe Exhaust!

    Engine & Performance
    I have an un-used, un-touched Status Gruppe Section 1/w 200 CATS And a Status Gruppe Section 3 V1 for sale. They will need to be sold together and we can talk about the shipping. Both cost me about 1700 so I'll part with them at 1500!
  7. 10" custom e30 Sub box, ported. (GAS)

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I am selling a German Automotive Specialties (GAS) 10" Ported sub box. I ended up getting an e21 instead of an e30 so I am unable to use this. Only the front side of the sub box has seen the light of day, and only for this photo with iPhone 5 for size reference. The in-car photo is just a sample...
  8. Diffuser Design Project.

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, In this thread I will show you the progress I am making (or not making) in Designing a new Rear Diffuser for my 2003, E46 Coupe. Ive wanted to do this for a while as i find the stock one to be rather dull and simple. Summer is finally here and I need to enhance my skills when it comes to...
  9. Custom e46 Taillights

    Lighting Forum
    This is my first post so be nice. I've designed some custom taillights that I'm going to build starting in a few weeks. I've attached a picture of the design. The yellow is only the blinker. The center red will turn on for the brake. The outside red light will turn on with the running lights...
  10. I need your input ! BMW aftermarket projects

    General E46 Forum
    Good morning BMW enthusiasts ! I would like your input for new aftermarket products or improvements on current products ! PLEASE: This thread is NOT for conversations !! If you choose to post below please keep your post very simple, as I will be going through all the posts to make a chart of...
  11. Custom VIP Modular VRS05 Wheels with Nitto INVO Tires For Sale

    Wheels and Tires
    SOLD! VIP Forged Modular Wheels VRS05 19x9 +31 VRS05 19x10.5 +35 Performance 10 Spoke Design Step lip light weight configuration (20 lbs ea) Made in the USA from 6061-T6 Forged aluminum 3-piece modular hand-built, quality craftsmanship...
  12. E46 M3 SOLD E46 M3/Coupe Custom Rear Deck Alcantara (Playstation 2)

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD This is a custom rear deck for E46 M3s and coupes. It's wrapped in black alcantara and the middle section is made for a Sony Playstation 2 (not included, but only $50 or so on eBay). The speaker holes are 6.5" and you can mount any grille. I'm including 2...
  13. Any E46 Custom ashtray switch panel

    Cliff notes: Panels currently available (always up to date): 3 switch 2 USB 1 switch V1 3 switch Message me for pricing These custom panels are water jet cut from 1/8in black ABS plastic. They can be used for anything from powering angel eyes, interior lights, or an aftermarket amp (my setup)...
  14. OEM M3 Bumper on Pre-LCI E90

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    So I just ordered a new wald rear bumper and sideskirts and getting a custom quad 4 inch tipped exhaust put on, so im talking to a local guy who is selling an OEM m3 front bumper, but would it fit on the pre lci e90 since the grill set up is different on an m3 than a 2006 E90. m3 front...
  15. 2004 330Xi Part or Sell; significantly modded - beautifully done

    Complete Cars - Private
    Hey; Just purchased a 2009 335Xi sedan and trying to decide what to do with my current 330Xi. Here are a list of some of the mods with Pictures: Exterior Mods: - MTech II M3 bumper - 6K HID Umnitza Angel Eyes - 6K HID Driving Lights - Carbon Fiber Splitter - 6K HID headlights - Smoked...
  16. Custom built Lumia 925 phone mount with wireless charging

    General E46 Forum
    I really can't stand suction cup phone mounts with wires hanging everywhere, especially the generic ones for phones that aren't popular enough for a specific mount. They look hideous, bounce around too much, block your view, and are easy to steal. So naturally I decided to build my own. Thought...
  17. Headers For Sale

    Engine & Performance
  18. Using a pico projector to design/preview paint job

    General E46 Forum
    Took this a while ago when I was thinking about putting some designs on my car... Has anyone else used anything like this to try to design or preview a design for themselves or customers? Normally I use this for watching movies but thought some of you DIY guys would be interested.
  19. Is my e46 custom ordered?

    General E46 Forum
    Greetings fanatics, the previous owner of my 2000's 323i told me that the car was custom ordered for the orginal purchaser, but he does not know what was custom ordered. The last 7 characters of the VIN are: FM82514 The color of the car is Ziegelrot, the color code reads: Ziegelrot 365/3 there...
  20. Any BMW Custom lightweight race mesh kidneys

    After getting ripped off by a bogus seller/site member for some bunk "racemesh kidneys" the likes of which BavAuto charges close to $300 for, I decided to begin experimenting in making my own for much less, and using all oem components at that. Having made a few now for myself and some local...