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  1. E46 Sedan OEM Zhp cube trim set complete

    Selling a set of oem sedan cube trim that came from a 2005 330i zhp - complete set with only one broken tab on the lcm trim part, ready to ship. Email [email protected] $280 shipped obo
  2. Any E46 FS: OEM ZHP sedan rear bumper in Silver, Seats, Black cube trim - SoCal

    The Bumper is SOLD All these parts came off a 2004 330i zhp sedan. I just hosed down the bumper to get the dust off. There a couple of scratches I tried to capture. Overall, the bumper is in decent shape. I also have the alcantara and cloth seats (non-heated, some wear on bolsters and head...
  3. WTB: Aluminum or Silver Cube Trim Coupe

    I'm looking to buy a complete set of interior trim for a coupe. Either brushed aluminum or Silver cube.
  4. DIGITULHEAVEN photovan

    The Showroom
    SSR Hasemis. Some photos have a slight blur to em, wind was going at 32 MPH lastnight. Cold as sht too, no Manfrotto equip could keep my **** still. Hope you liked my daily/parts/photo-equip carrier.
  5. BLACK cube OEM or Replica?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I was looking around for some new interior trim and i found this on ebay. Apparently the seller thinks its carbon fiber trim, it looks alot like black cube to Can anyone tell if its OEM or replica...
  6. Black Cube Trim turning Purple

    General E46 Forum
    Black cube trim on ZHPs are starting to turn purple due to sun exposure. Anyone have a good way to get black cube trim back to black?