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  1. E46 Introductions
    2004 BMW 330Ci Silbergau Metallic A08 M54B30 ZFS5D320Z 18 inch Style 71’s on Michelin Pilot SS Clutch Masters FX300 Chaos Calibrations tuned DME IRP Emgine/Transmission mounts Gragistic transmission brace Custom built driveshaft HARD Motorsport polycarbonate rear windows M50 Intake manifold aFe...
  2. Driveline, Performance, Tuning
    Anyone here manually coded in rev matching using a Hex Editor? Considering it vs paying 20 euros. Also, anyone selling an ECU in case I accidentally install windows 95 on my car haha
  3. Mid Atlantic
    Hey guys, I'm wanting to know if anyone has had any experience with a shop in the Northern Virginia area to do a CSL Airbox install and tune. Also want to know if the set up from the shop still allows emissions communications and subsequently pass emissions testing. Thanks for the help!
  4. California
    Hi there, Can anyone recommend a shop in the Bay Area that has successfully refinished BMW painted wheels that have curb rash and paint damage? I have some Type 127's that could really use it. I'm talking about a proper renovation with correct paint and clear coat, not a simple sanding and...
  5. E46 M3
    I ran into an issue rebuilding my rear calipers. I ordered the BMW rebuild kit from ECS Tuning and they sent me the wrong ones. I took the calipers to BMW of SA and they were going to sell me the same seals that ECS sold me. They had no idea why my rear caliper was different. They just assumed...
  6. E46 M3
    Hi ! I've been working on a BDM Tool to erase/dump/flash our MSS54/HPs DME for the last 2-3 months. I already made a post on M3Cutters because there's more EU guys there. I mainly did this to convert my own car to CSL Spec to fit a Carbon Airbox without having to deal with Alpha-N. There's a...
  7. E46 Showroom
    :woot: Thanks to my fiancé for convincing me, yes she convinced me to buy car parts, and my brother for funding half of it. I now have the much needed and final external component for my AW e46. :drool:
  8. E46 Showroom
    Messing around with lightroom & ended up with this. Looking for feedback
  9. E46 Convertible
    Okay, so I'm new to these forums so go easy on me hahaha. But basically I'm in love the M3 csl splitters but I do not want to switch out my m-tech 2 front bumper out for a M3 bumper. My doubt is, will I be able to fit the M3 cal front splitter on my M-tech 2 bumper? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  10. Tires, Wheels
    I know this question has been out there already but I wanted to see your new responses and opinions. Which one do you guys recommend? Sportline 8S VMR VB3 V703
  11. E46 Showroom
    ///M3 Build Journal Hello Everyone, I have finally reached my one-year membership date, and I thought to start my build thread. If you are familiar with jasonturbo, he was a previous owner of this car. Specifications: - 2004 Mystic Blue Coupe on Black Nappa Leather - 6MT with 63,000...
  12. Tires, Wheels
    What's your opinion? I have a friend selling the ZCP wheels and got the chance to try them on to see how they look..... Here are the Results.... Tell what your opinions.... the car is completely stock! I forgot one thing to mention I Only tried on one side. So the opposite side is still on OEM...
  13. nvm

    Tires, Wheels
  14. E46 M3
    Hey all, A lot of people say really great things about TTFS's SMG Software (http://www.tuningtechfs.com/ttfs-smg-software/) - I am one of the rare ones who really likes SMG and I just paid $3200 to get my SMG pump replaced. My M3 has 88k on it with the original clutch. Is TTFS's SMG Software...
  15. E46 Showroom
    Show your Carbon Fiber Love! Post carbon fiber anything Carbon fiber intake manifold and Carbon fiber engine cover on my e46 m3 Carbon fiber Side mirror covers
  16. Tires, Wheels
    I'm looking to buy 18" CSL replica wheels for my pre-facelift Steel Blue e46 323i, in the United States. After a fair bit of research, I have found that many people really like the VMR wheels sold by ModBargains. However, I found some very similar wheels sold by Umnitza... for much cheaper...
  17. E46 M3
    Hello forum! So I've been all over the internet/forums trying to figure out the correct offset for 19" CSL reps. I already have OEM 18's for performance and I'm about to pull the trigger on some 19" replicas from Umnitza for cruising/looks. They say they'll provide the right offset for my car...
  18. Proud new owner! Staying the night!

    These were taken on my epic SnapChat story on my way to pick up my new BEAUTIFUL 2003.5 e46 M3 Alpine White. Enjoy!
  19. Out of the bad weather

    These were taken on my epic SnapChat story on my way to pick up my new BEAUTIFUL 2003.5 e46 M3 Alpine White. Enjoy!
  20. Ohio!!

    These were taken on my epic SnapChat story on my way to pick up my new BEAUTIFUL 2003.5 e46 M3 Alpine White. Enjoy!
1-20 of 101 Results