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crankshaft pulley
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  1. General E46 Forum
    Hello guys. First time posting in this forum. My concern happens to be my crankshaft pulley. This thing broke 3/4 months ago, fixed it and now it broke again. I have some wild luck apparently because everytime it breaks im either idle or at low rpm. But next time it happens I might be going...
  2. General E46 Forum
    Just joined the forum. Welcome. I purchased my first BMW a couple of weeks ago with careful research knowing full well what I was getting myself into. So far so good. One problem I noticed before I bought it was notice the ac belt was shreading. I pointed it out to the seller for more discount...
  3. General E46 Forum
    Has anyone gone through a failing crankshaft pulley? I'm asking because mine is. I've been hearing a chirpy-clank for a little while and as all the shops I trust around here don't do short-notice, I've been poking around myself. From what I can see, it seems as though my crankshaft pulley is...
1-3 of 3 Results