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  1. Crank cut after a second

    General E46 Forum
    On my '03 325ci tonight my car cranked for just a second then the car cut the crank and all i heard was the fuel pump. I turned the key back off and then on again and the car started right up. I feel like its probably my crank sensor going bad but my question is if the crank sensor is going bad...
  2. Crank/No Start

    General E46 Forum
    Hey all! I have been getting issues with my 01 330ci manual (Swapped from an auto) for quite some time now. I'm gonna have to keep it reasonably short. My car won't start, as the title implies, I get a crank but no start. Sometimes it will, but over time my chances of it starting have...
  3. Belt noise but no crank! E46 Won't start

    General E46 Forum My car stopped working while running it pretty hard on an empty highway. I was going pretty fast, took a tight turn and there was a dip. Because of the dip, I braked hard enough to not go spinning out, but not enough to lose my momentum. That's when...
  4. Overfilled Oil, Car Won't Start

    General E46 Forum
    Hey folks, hoping to get some insights here before I shell out for underground towing. My e46 has been having issues with oil burning. I recently had the pan gasket replaced, car was checked and all plugs/seals were fine, no leaks anywhere. Mechanic gave me some oil to top up in case it...
  5. M54B30 Strange Knocking/Ticking Sound (YT video)

    General E46 Forum I would really appreciate if anyone could give me any advice. The mechanic says it could possibly be a rod knock? Thanks
  6. 325ci strange crank/no start

    General E46 Forum
    Okay! I drive a 2004 325ci with just over 160k on it. Great car, I love it. Yesterday, I drive the car to the auto store and it starts and drives fine, as usual. After being inside for a couple minutes, I come back out and my car will NOT start. It cranks forever, the battery is tested and good...
  7. Cutting Out 318ci Crankshaft Sensor?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi New to the forum, I wondered if anyone knew what might be causing this, My car cut out when pulling off from a roundabout, All the lights came up, dtc, yellow handbrake light, and beeped. I pulled over after ruling a few things out disconnected the battery which I heard resets the ecu...
  8. Very cold. Doesn't crank on first try, but I hear something spin. 2nd try it starts.

    General E46 Forum
    The first time I turn the key, I can here something spinning and then slowly stop when I let the key out. Then when I try the second time it works and starts up. Could something be frozen? It was 8 degrees here this morning and it happened. Happened every very cold morning so far.
  9. No crank, no start. Possibly key?

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2003 e46 with a battery that is from 2007. I went to start it today and when I turned the key to the 1st position, everything was normal. All the lights came on, I could hear the pump going and the normal fans. But when I went to turn it forward to turn it on, nothing happened at all...
  10. Crank no start

    General E46 Forum
    Sometimes randomly my 2001 330xi will crank and not start , I've replaced the fuel pump twice. That was not the fix. Any ideas?
  11. 325, no start question.. help please

    General E46 Forum
    I have an 02 325ci, failed to start today in the parking lot at work. It ran fine before I parked and shut it off, no misfires no codes, never had boggy acceleration nor any stalling/rough idle. After around 4 or 5 hours in the sun, I got in, cranked and it fired up, but the EML light was on...
  12. E46 Compact 316ti cutting out / battery light on and off

    General E46 Forum
    Been on Bimmerforums and posted threads, but thought I'd create one here. From time to time, the E46 cuts out when driving. Sometimes it's just a moment, but the car jumps a little bit and then comes back. It's almost seamless driving. It also happened once when it was idle. It juddered and...
  13. Intermittent Issue - Crank but no start

    General E46 Forum
    OK so this has been an intermittent issue on my car for a good while (over a year) but only happens rarely. I recently had the fuel pump replaced ( and thought this issue may have been linked to that, so was surprised that after...
  14. Battery fine, but no start E46 2003 318i

    General E46 Forum
    Car has been sitting 4 days, So what. Mild weather in Melbourne - we are in summer, but no scorching days. I recall looking at how to get to the original radio called 'Business'.All I did was remove two plastic panels and seeing if radio (two screws) could be got at easy. I pulled up the...
  15. EWS 209; Intermittent start (cranks but no start)

    General E46 Forum
    My car is an E46 2001 330ci vert with 130,000 miles. I've had a thorough search, and it seems there could be any number of issues. As such I thought I'd post what I've done so far to rectify this issue, and hopefully if I ever get it sorted can put down here what went wrong! As background...
  16. 2001 E46 330Ci Convertible, cranks only when jumped (FIXED)

    General E46 Forum
    FIXED! This is what I got. 2001 E46 330ci convertible. Background (not sure if related but I think it is)- Installing amp – in the final stages putting it all back together and the power lead on amp disconnects and hits negative lead to amp quick spark but no fuses popped on lead going to...
  17. For Sale: Crank Vent Hose 11 61 1 432 559

    Engine & Performance
    I bought the whole crank vent kit for a friend, but he'd had this hose replaced previously. Here's the RealOem page: Crank Vent Picture It's number 2 in that diagram. It's a BMW part (says "BMW GROUP" on it; made in France), it's never been opened or removed from its plastic bag, and I'll part...
  18. Bosch or Beck/Arnley Remanufactured starter?

    General E46 Forum
    I am replacing my starter on a 2003 330i. Which is a better purchase, a Bosch or a Beck/Arnley remanufactured starter? Money is tight, and with a coupon code I should be able to get one of these for about $140 from Advance Auto. Thanks for your help!!!! Jason
  19. [PROBLEM] Intermittent Ignition (BMW can't even solve)

    General E46 Forum
    So three weeks ago now, I laid my eyes on a beautiful E46 325i. Super low mileage, pristine condition, and perfect in every aspect. I was smitten with how good it was. Then one day at work, just about to take my colleague and I out to grab a bite to eat, and she doesn't fire up. Starter turns...
  20. 2000 323ci loong crank

    General E46 Forum
    I have an 323ci that crank but 50% of the time it is a long 10secs crank...what may be the problem