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  1. My Sexy Black E92 M3 on some new shoes...

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    Teaser shot... Rest of these pictures can be found here: Flickr: Tony's Photostream Whats your opinion?
  2. ::NON-BMW but American::SICK 65' Riviera Slammed

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    Shot this car recently and thought I would share a classic car thats slammed and sexy :) Let me know your opinions...
  3. E9X M3 day at CEC Miami Showroom (pics!)

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    It was a beautiful day in sunny Miami, FL 2.28.09 and a perfect day for a meet. I would like to thank Frank at CEC for letting the M3's of of South Florida to stop by and enjoy the showroom along with breakfest! "Special thanks to Tonytone from COR wheels and dem boys from Active, your...
  4. TEASER: Import Face-off 2009 at Palm Beach International Raceway-

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    More to come this week!!!