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coolant light help

  1. Intermittent coolant light

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    Here's the situation, I drive a 2002 330Ci, 135k miles. A week ago the "Service Engine Soon" light lit up. Went to the dealer (on 6/19) and they replaced the thermostat. Drove it off the lot, and started loosing coolant, took it back and what a surprise, the expansion tank had to be replaced...
  2. Low coolant light

    General E46 Forum
    I have a very strange situation that I need to ask you guys about. When the radiator fan comes on in my 2000 323i, the "low coolant" light in the dash lights up. I have been troubleshooting the rest of the cooling system as I had initially thought that I was truly leaking coolant or losing it...
  3. My 323i low antifreeze light came on? Can I add any coolant to it?

    General E46 Forum
    my 99 bmw 323i coolant light came on and shut off this morning, my question is can i buy any coolant from discount auto parts, advance pepboys? they have some but they say its not recommended can anyone help with my question. pepboys have a coolant for foreign cars but its orange bmw suppose to...
  4. Coolant light on but it's full

    General E46 Forum
    Just like the title says... I did some searching and found many threads. Some say sensor, others say expansion tank, or air in the system. The light just randomly came on today while I was driving, but the system is full. It is NOT overheating and has NOT overheated. So, Im guessing it's just...
  5. Coolant light woahs

    General E46 Forum
    Coolant light woes After a wreck over two years ago, I have been subjected to a coolant light on my dash. It is starting to drive me crazy and I dont know what else to try and replace. I have been driving the car with it on over the last two years on long and short trips and it never overheats...