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  1. E46 Convertible
    Hello Guys, Issue I am facing and need your inputs. e46 330ci, car storage cover does not open during top down/up sequence. Here is the video link: Here are the sequence of events: Top Lowering Sequence- CVM activates top lock motor - working CVM signals the GM to lower the windows - working...
  2. E46 Convertible
    Been offered some fully refurbished style 108 rims for my blue vert just wondered if anyone has photos of these wheels on an e46?
  3. E46 General
    So i’ve recently bought a used 04’ 330ci e46, i am the third owner. The car was maintained and barely used by the previous owner. I recently noticed a very unsettling rattle when i’m on the freeway; the car will drive just fine before 70mph but once I hit 70mph and over the car will beging to...
  4. E46 Convertible
    Hi everyone, Lately only the left side of my tail light works properly. First picture shows with lights on; only the right side lits properly the left side is very very dim. The second picture shows when applying brakes. What happens is that the left side goes completely off and the rest works...
  5. E46 Convertible
    Hey Everyone, I'm supposed pick up a late model E46 convertible tomorrow. After watching some E46 rust videos over the weekend, I'm getting anxious about the possibility of underbody rust. What expectation should I have for a car with less than 100k miles when everything visible looks to be in...
  6. E46 Convertible
    What's the best convertible roof protector anyones used? Planning on trying auto finesse rag top?
  7. E46 Convertible
    What part is broken so I can order that first? Thanks in advance to anyone who has the time to reply. Rehabbing my daughter's new 2001 E46 330ci vert has so many priorities that I haven't taken on the power top yet. But Spring is Coming....
  8. E46 Convertible
    Hi, new here and wondering if can anyone help? Bought an x reg e46 convertible, was told that roof had not worked since battery was taken off. since getting it home it was taken to local garage to check for fault codes, none for the roof showed up only one for front windows, these have been...
  9. E46 Convertible
    Hi all, posted a few days ago and only got one response. I have an 03 330cic and the top will not go down. I cannot get the top to go down manually either. I manually unlocked the front latches because that motor was not working correctly, but then when trying to put the other motor underneath...
  10. E46 General
    Hey guys. I've been using this forum and the e36 forum ever since I bought one. Ever since before I even bought one. I've been doing diys and learning and getting help from a mechanic I met at my job who helped me buy my first 328is e36 about 196k on the odometer. Anyway, I'm reminiscing.. I...
  11. E46 Convertible
    Hi I have done lots of reading up on this but can't seem to find the exact issue I have so thought I would just ask. I have a 2003 BMW 330 ci convertible m sport it's a great car and I thought I'd get the suspension changed so after some research I went with budget coilover off ebay called pro...
  12. DIY: Do It Yourself
    Friends, In my first DIY venture under the hood for this car I have chosen the DISA valve replacement. According to my indy shop's evaluation, I need a new one. I have been reading up on the forum and feel pretty confident. Has anyone done this on an 02 330 ci vert? Anything special I...
  13. E46 Convertible
    Hey ive read the forums but cant find anything like my problem. The top compartment opens and the top comes out to the first bend then stops and the red flashes i really need to get it closed i have no garage or cover for it.
  14. E46 Convertible
    In Minnesota, we love our canoes. I also love my 02 330ci vert. So here's a crazy idea for combining the two: Could I use a pair of foam blocks on the top of the windshield for the bow (the front end of the canoe) and a hitch mounted load extender for the stern?:loco:
  15. DIY: Do It Yourself
    I just got a 2001 330ci and the convertible top wont close on its own all the way. It stops just before the top reclines into the back. i have to push it down and the cover doesnt lock into place. It closes with no problem. Does anyone know what could be the problem?? please help!!:facepalm:
  16. E46 Convertible
    hey so I'm looking to pick up a 2001-2005 330ci. Problem is I'm trying to find one that has: manual transmission sports package blue ext baseball glove tan interior I know it's tough to find the perfect used car, but i think that color combo is the nicest out there. Let me know if you guys...
1-16 of 17 Results