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  1. move the cruise control?

    General E46 Forum
    As the topic says, move the cruise control. Is it possible? Has anyone done it? Like moved the buttons for it Been thinking about getting a luisi steering wheel and will therefore not have the buttoncontrols on the steering wheel. The radio controls are no problem since you could just move your...
  2. FS: Fascia Adaptor & Alpine Stalk Interface Fitting Kit

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hey everyone... About a year ago i ordered this kit for about 70$ U.S. on ebay from the UK. Shortly after ordering I started pulling my...
  3. Cluster Lights, Steering Wheel Controls Not Working Intermittently

    General E46 Forum
    '03 330xi Picked it up a few weeks ago, and the problem started when I turned the car off and noticed that the cluster lights wouldn't turn off. I pulled the fuse for the cluster (43, I believe) and they went out, put the fuse back, and they stayed out. At this point, though, they don't turn on...
  4. 99 323i phone options?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    phone options My 1999 323i is "pre-wired for cellular phone" what exactly does this mean? Is there any way I can use a phone with my bmws system? I would be willing to buy a phone used and just get service on it and keep it in the car. I dont really want to spend the 700-1100 on a bluetooth...