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  1. Autoradio wiring issue on 330xi

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I recently bought an e46 330xi from 2003 that came with the factory 2DIN autoradio. On the screen 1.jpg, you can see the 2 female connector that are avaible on the factory autoradio and on the screen 2.jpg you can see the 2 wires that are on my car. I bought an new android autoradio...
  2. How does this connector come apart?

    General E46 Forum
    I can't figure out how to unplug the connector from the clutch position lockout switch on my 330Ci. The sensor is normally attached to the clutch master cylinder, but currently disconnected. Any hints on how to unlock the wires to unplug it?
  3. Antenna Amplifier connector damaged

    E46 Touring
    Oops. After finally popping the rear tailgate window with the manual release, I went on to remove the glass hatch. And that is where my clumsiness struck, I damaged the most rightern connector to a point of no repair. In the picture you will see the most rightern connector how it is supposed to...
  4. Any tips for changing E46 F/R door wiring harness?

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Bottom Line Up Front - Does anyone have any tips before I swap out my F/R door wiring harness? I don't want to buy another one. So, I put in a new window regulator into my '03 325i and broke the airbag connector tabs. That caused the SRS light to come on, it won't reset, and the code shows the...
  5. M3 replica bumper fog light connector

    General E46 Forum
    Purchased an m3 replica bumper for my e46 with ecode fogs, but the fog light does not match the oem connector for it. It should be easy enough to splice a new connector in, but I'm just curious to which one it would be/whether or not anyone has had something similar. Would it be a 9006 connector...
  6. Mysterious cable hanging inside the engine compartiment

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, I've recently bought myself an '03 BMW E46 330ci, and now I'm encountering a few technical difficulties with it. I'm new to BMWs so bare with me. While I was driving it home, a power steering hose cracked and spilled oil all over the engine compartment. Soon after, the DSC, EML and Brake...
  7. upper radiator hose problem

    General E46 Forum
    hello everyone, so i am replacing my upper radiator hose and upon putting it back in it will not go back in no matter what i do. I have all the clips up and it goes in just fine on the side for the engine. I have no idea whats wrong and it's driving me nuts. any ideas???
  8. Wiring Harness - Can Anyone ID this wire?

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Did the CCV system / oil separator and in putting everything back together, I seem to have lost my way with one of the harness connectors. See the pic - it's the bottom wire of the three lower ones coming out of the harness. I can't figure out where it plugs into. :facepalm: Anyone know? It's a...
  9. How To Disconnect Hazard Light Switch Connector

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    At least half the time, when I want to disconnect an automotive connector, I end up breaking the connector shell if I don't know how it works. Can someone tell me what I need to do with this one to disconnect it? All the write ups on this switch seem to omit the details. To make matters...
  10. Newbie - Busted Taillight and Taillight connector

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I had a cracked taillight few months back, and few weeks back, my car started behaving werid with tailight warning. I changed the light bulb and after few days, it stopped working again. When I checked, the connector had melted. So I went ahead and ordered these parts: QTY Part Number...
  11. Aftermarket speakers to BMW connector????

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Just wondered how you actually connect aftermarket speakers with the normal +/- tabs to the non-standard BMW connector? Do you cut the wires then terminate with standard spade terminals etc...? I'm specifically talking about door components for a 03 Sedan/Touring.
  12. Heater Hose connector

    General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone, Can someone advise me on the best approach in taking out the heater hose connector (No. 9, part No. 11531708808, from the back of the engine so that I may renew the o-ring. The area to work...
  13. help with alternator, can't find correct alternator

    General E46 Forum
    hey guys, I have an 04 330ci zhp auto and had my alternator go out on it I got a new one from the parts store which had the right holes to bolt up to the engine (well two out of the three, one was missing) however it had the cover for 'ram air cooling' on the alternator which the stock one did...
  14. Tail Light connector problem

    Hi All My tail lights are not working on the left and there is a indicator lit in the dash as well. I checked the lights and the connector seems to be faulty. Does any body know where i can get that or where should I take it for repair. I have read in general forum's that it should cost $5...