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  1. Steering rack compatibility

    E46 Touring
    Hello. Few days ago i had an unfortunate accident and now i need to change my steering rack along with rods. But i struggle to find the exact steering rack. I see someone is selling one for 318i. But my car is 320d with 136hp engine. (i dont know the code but my cars model year is 1999). So the...
  2. Business CD53 radio compatibility and code question

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I bought a used Business CD53 radio and have decided to keep my aftermarket, so I am selling it locally. One interested buyer contacted me. He has a 2000 E46. The unit I have for sale is an Alpine built in August 2001, part number 65126915711. Now, I thought the E46 radios didn't need any...
  3. Need help! (purchasing headlights)

    General E46 Forum
    whats going on everyone? I recently got a 2004 325xi and am looking to buy angel eye projector headlights :clap:. Ive been doing a bunch of looking around but ebay and such have confused me more than anything. I seem to find many 99-03 headlights but rarely a 2004 compatible one, at least with...
  4. Bluetooth modules

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi guys Looking for some info from more experienced members.... Can someone confirm for me please whether a bluetooth module from an E9x will work in an E46? Part numbers that I've found are: 84109122446-01 84109181276-01 Thanks in advance for your help...