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  1. No heat coming from vents!

    General E46 Forum
    (SOLVED) After reading through many useless posts I came across this post: Basically this guy tried everything and eventually a simple backflush of the heater...
  2. Cold Air Intake Options for 2000 323i Touring

    General E46 Forum
    So I recently removed the factory airbox and installed a K&N cone filter. The sound is WAY better, but I'm worried that the intake is only getting hot air from the radiator. I have the M-Tech 1 front bumper, so there's a lot of scoop room down there, but the Xenon ballasts are too big to fit the...
  3. FS E46 Dinan Cold High Flow Air Intake / Cleaner

    Engine & Performance
    Used Dinan Cold Air intake... Just removed from my E46 Retail is $449 Also including K&N filter cleaner kit Parting out 323ci...
  4. Air Conditioning Not Working

    General E46 Forum
    My 325ci no longer blows cold air...which is a shame because it's hot as balls in the car. I'm assuming the freon needs to be recharged but I don't want to pay some db $200 if I can do it myself. So any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.
  5. FS: Dinan Carbon fiber CAI with new filter 323/325/330

    Engine & Performance
    For sale is a Dinan carbon fiber cold air intake. This a very hard to find intake as it is discontinued!! Included is carbon fiber tube with chrome dinan logo on it, 2 cone filters (1 brand new, 1 used), dinan filter sock, adapter for 322/325 and adapter for 330, and a brand new xenon control...
  6. Dinan Intake installed (pic)

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    I got the Conforti intake returned due to problems with it possibly causing my SES light to come on, and after being back on the stock airbox I knew I needed an aftermarket intake again for some increased airflow. I ordered up the Dinan since it seemed like a good fit. I've got it installed and...