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  1. One bad downshift ---> fuel issues and misfiring. Any advice?

    General E46 Forum
    So today started off quite lovely. Went to the gym, late class go canceled so I decided to go on a short cruise with the local car club. Coming around a pretty sharp harpin in I end up going from the top of second straight into first. :facepalm: She did not like that! Gets loud. All hell...
  2. Diagnosis/Help Needed: Misfiring...Terrible Engine Rumble

    General E46 Forum
    Hello Guys. I need your sage assistance. It's a little long winded but I know every little detail adds to a diagnosis. Vehicle Information: 2001 E46 1.9L M43 Engine(M43B19) 174,950 KM Brief History: For the past 3 weeks my check engine light came on and my car developed a rough idle on a...
  3. Lowered on springs/sleeves, how do i find a camber kit

    Suspension & Braking
    Im lowered on H&R coil sleeves and i would like to find a way to dial in the negative camber on the front(eventually rear also). it is my understanding that you have to find a kit that fits the springs/coils/whatever you are lowered on. please inform me if this isnt true, and if anyone can...
  4. Any E46 FS: CHEAP Turner Motorsport Coilover Kit

    Suspension and Braking
    pics of all items in my photobucket library below Turner Motorsports custom coilover kit ** here ** New was 1700...
  5. 2003 320ci 2,2l not running on all cylinders

    General E46 Forum
    Hello! I am a fresh bmw owner and have already got trouble with the car. I've searched around a bit, but have not found any clear answers to the problem, so I decided to ask on a forum hoping to find out what it could be! Bought the car for approx. a week ago and it is a 2003 320ci 2.2 liter...
  6. S54 Plasma Coil Packs

    Engine & Performance
    Set of 6 Ignition Solutions Plasma Coil Packs. Used for about 15k miles. According to RealOem these should fit any S54, N54, N62, N73, and apparently some Rolls Royce engines. In perfect working order when I pulled them. Had to switch them out when I went to stand alone. These coil packs plus...
  7. DIY: Rear spring coil repair (Video)

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hi Changed my rear spings yesterday and recorded a video from the one side repair. If you can use it, feel free Job performed by one man using standard hand tools and a couple of jacks on a 3...
  8. FS: Tien SuperStreet Coilovers

    Suspension and Braking
  9. :: ECS Tuning :: FK Automotive On Sale | Ends 1/2/12

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  10. :: ECS Tuning :: FK Automotive On Sale | Ends 1/2/12

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    ECS Tuning is bringing you 10% OFF on all FK products this holiday season! From lighting to suspension, even air horns and racing seats, everything from FK Automotive is 10% OFF!!! Save big with the largest FK distributor in the US! To order: Click HERE Select your Vehicle > Brand >...
  11. Coil Springs, Bavarian Auto Sport, BMW E46 - $125

    Suspension and Braking
    SOLD Lowering Springs for BMW 325i E46 (non sport). Only 5000 miles on 03' 325i, a bit too low for me. But really improved handling. Verbage from BAS "Lower your BMW without sacrificing comfort. We had a tough time finding lowering springs that gave us both the improved handling we craved...
  12. Ignition coils keep failing :: 2000 323iT

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2000 323iT and the ignition coils keep going bad. I've had the car into the dealer three times to get them fixed. Now the car is stumbling again when I accelerate and I expect it's a fourth coil going bad. No SES light yet, so I don't know which cylinder. I'm tired of paying the...
  13. FS:tein basic coilovers non-m fitment.

    Suspension and Braking
    Selling my car so I need to sell these. I am looking to take your stock suspension, which is why I prefer local buyers. Practically brand new, I rode on them for less than 2000 miles. Coilovers are still on the car so i cant take pictures till I remove them which will probably be till i sell...
  14. ignition coil replacement diy?

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    so i just got the whole SES car shaking shabang and, after a few minutes of unplugging and replugging plugs a friend and i decided the issue was a bad ignition coil on my first cylinder i've searched the forum but couldnt come across a diy for ignition coil replacement-does anyone have any...
  15. need E46 2004 325ci convertible springs

    E46 Convertible
    Looking for stock coil springs for my 2004 325ci convertible. Sport suspension.
  16. Racelands vs TA Technix...

    General E46 Forum
    Hi there from Greece and Happy new year to all!! Im a member here for a long time, but never posted.. Just visiting the forum for reading and watching pics.. (Hope my english is good..:)) Ive read some threads here mostly about racelands.. (and TUVs that expired and etc..) I want to try a...
  17. Possible Missfire/Coil Issue --- Code 16 48???

    ///M3 Forum
    Hello all, My ride: 2003 M3 65k miles, new plugs at 55k NGK Iridium, self installed. All other service schedule performed at dealer. I've been struggling with an rare and seemingly intermmitent very rough and idle, limp-mode. I have scanned several thread on the matter including the reported...
  18. stealership is trying to screw me

    General E46 Forum
    so after some research on here i heard that there was a recall for the bremi ignition coils that came on alot of 01 and 02 330's and other 3 series so i called bmw yesterday and they said the recall only covers models with under 80k miles which i thought was kinda odd. so i called the parts...
  19. WTB: Rear coil springs for e46 323i

    Suspension and Braking
    Hey guys, I am looking for a used set of OEM or similar rear coil springs for an e46 323i. I would even use the sport springs if they would fit. They don't need to be in the best condition since I am going to sell my car as soon as they get fixed. Please let me know if you have a pair and we...