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  1. Shop for Wheel Powder Coating

    Hey just wondering if anyone had experience with a shop that does Wheel Powder coating in Atlanta. I'm thinking about doing this and was wondering what price I could expect for the job. Thanks
  2. Any E46 WTB: Underfloor Coating

    I'm looking for this Underfloor coating trim piece for my 2005 330i Sedan: 51718265985 Message me if you have this part for sale, thanks. Here's a diagram from RealOEM. The part I'm looking for has the #1 next to it. The picture from the RealOEM digram looks different from the actual part im...
  3. DIY: How to coat….…stuff with carbon!!

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    There was a request on how to carbon coat here in the forum and since I have done it once before I will try to make a DIY for doing this with pictures from my latest project(sorry***8230;not a bimmer) All of this was done in my father***8217;s garage and in my condo back in 2005 so don***8217;t...