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  1. Need help! I think my car is ruined =(

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I could really use your help and advice. I recently moved to DC and left my car back home. My sister (who is inexperienced with manual cars) decided to take my car out. She barely knows how to drive a manual car, and learned on my car. I own a 2002 BMW 330cic. She told me while she...
  2. Re-installing the fan and clutch

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I'm having trouble getting the fan clutch back on the threads of my 2004 330Ci Convertible. It came of easily with the right tools, and I could spin the clutch slowly until it came off of the shaft. Then the fan, clutch and shroud came out together. Now I'm having trouble getting the clutch to...
  3. clunk sound while shifting

    ///M3 Forum
    When i am just putting around town my rear end makes a clunk sound when shifting, but while under hard acceleration it feels solid and i dont hear any noise. Is this normal?
  4. Car Will Not Start: Potential Clutch Safety Switch/ Starter Issue?

    General E46 Forum
    Alright, I have been without my car now for approximately one week and it's killing me! Last Friday, on a hot day I came outside after spending the morning volunteering and attempted to start my car to leave. When I pushed down the clutch pedal and turned the key, the car would not start. All...
  5. manual tranny help

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys/girls , I have a 1999 328i which runs perfectly but for some reason , everytime I do a complete stop , Im having a little bit of a problem putting it in 1st gear. I have to play the stick first before I can shift it and usually takes me 2 to 3 seconds to do that. I live in boston and if...
  6. Clutch Installation Cost (EXPENSIVE!)

    General E46 Forum
    I recently purchased a UUC stage-2 lighted flywheel and organic clutch replacement for my BMW since it's about time to replace the vehicle's original unit. I called around to a local race prep shop here in Columbus, OH and was quoted at around $675 for labor and potential extra costs if...
  7. Help Needed - Clutch Slave Popped out

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Number 18 here in this diagram, I removed from the transmission to aid in bleeding due to limted access to the bleed screw. All was well untill.. The bleed screw was tight and the clutch was depressed while #18 was out of the clutch still. The items INSIDE of 18 came flying out.:ben::ben...
  8. NEW Fidanza E46 Lightweight aluminum flywheel

    Engine & Performance
    I have a new Fidanza aluminum lightweight flywheel for sale. It fits all E46 cars with the 5-speed and uses the 330 clutch. Weight is 13lbs. Part number is: 195461 B4 Price is $315 plus shipping (maybe $15 for shipping). I am firm on the price since I haven't seen one for less than my price...
  9. CLutch Recommendation

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Hey everyone im in desperate need for a recommendation for a clutch kit and flywheel that would serve ma needs because my stock one has burnt out. I drive fast..... i was looking into the F1 Racing Stage 2 Clutch & Chromoly Ltw Flywheel E46 3-Series...
  10. cricket sound from clutch ?

    General E46 Forum
    hm .. i dont how to describe sound but it is very similar to cricket sound cricket sound when the clutch is released. there is no difference if it is in neutral or in 1,2...5 speed .. + clutch pedal is pulsating/vibrating , frequency depends on RPM... When i press clutch a little , sound goes...
  11. Using MAGNETS to start my M3???? HELPPP

    ///M3 Forum
    Hey Guys, I took my SMG M3 '03 to a local european repair shop today to replace my old brake pads with some Axxis brake pads I had found online. The specialist who drove my car in the shop mentioned a chuttering/bucking i'd been having in 1st gear for a couple of days now. I told him I was...
  12. WTB- UUC clutch kit and flywheel friction surface.

    Engine & Performance
    I have the full UUC Stage 2 clutch setup and it's all begun to slip. I'm on a bit of a budget, but I'd like to find new or lightly used clutch kit/friction surface to work perfectly with the UUC flywheel. I'd also consider going back to OEM flywheel/kit if the price is right. Thanks!
  13. Poll: how long has your clutch lasted?

    ///M3 Forum
    Poll: how long did your previous clutch last? (6-speed, not smg) I know it varies based on a lot of factors. But I haven't been able to find even ballpark estimates for how long a clutch on the 6-speed (NON-SMG) will last. How many miles did you get on your previous clutch? I'm at 48,000 on...