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  1. E46 General
    Hello guys, I painted my doors and trunk with spray can and both of them went matte after like 2 months or so.. Why tho? Probably a stupid question, but couldn't find any answers anywhere. Do BMW color code 668 schwarz 2 use clear coat ? My fenders were painted and they doesn't have clear coat...
  2. E46 General
    I have an 05 ZHP sedan in imola red sedan, and the clear coat has been peeling off the door handles and the roof trim that runs length wise on either side of the roof. I attempted to repaint the roof rack trim, but the results were very mediocre. Has anyone attempted to wrap the handles and...
  3. Car Care
    Hi Guys, Is this something that could be fixed or would a respray be in order? http://imgur.com/a/6sAGb Thanks_a_
  4. Car Care
    Howdy, I would like to restore the pain on my 2002 318i if possible, however the paint on the bonnet/hood is looking really poor. Is this clear coat failure or is it something that could be polished/buffed out with love and sweat? The car was purchased a little while ago, and lives outside...
  5. DIY Guides
    Hey; Was given a Evo rear spoiler with the factory clear coat peeling, chipping and badly yellowed. Apparently, this is a known issue with this model. Really bad shape!! Unfortunately, I never took a picture before I started it (thought I had, but apparently not). Here's the project...
1-5 of 5 Results