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  1. BMW E46 Nav GPS CD Player Unit does not support MP3

    E46 Convertible
    After some research, I learned that the head unit for my entertainment system (hidden cd player behind a rotating nav screen) does not support MP3 formatted CDs. I am not looking to replace the whole head unit. Any way of replacing the CD player behind the screen with a player that supports...
  2. Any E46 *Price Drop* WTS CD53 Business Head Unit (Pic Heavy)

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    SOLD Feel free to delete this thread.
  3. New electrical issues caused by aftermarket cd player?

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2000 328i that i bought with a damaged nav screen, and likewise no music control. Then I figured out it it was shorting and draining the battery. After many tests and a new battery, I pulled fuses 4 & 7 for over a year and half! Voila, no battery problem. Finally last week I ponied up...
  4. Any E46 *SOLD* OEM Mark IV Headunit w/ GPS Computer

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    It all works well and in good shape, NO DEAD PIXELS. It does have some light scratches on the screen but only seem when it's off. It has a CD player behind the motorized front face. I upgraded to a Dynavin D99+ with Alpine amps and speakers so I have no need for this anymore. It all came out of...
  5. FS - CD Player And HVAC Bracket

    Perfect condition. Part number 51458237560. $50 shipped. Also willing to trade or use credit to other things. Looking for wrapped trim (carbon fiber) for a sedan, two under seat medical kits, headlight lenses, aluminum pedal set (for automatic), and other random things.
  6. FS - BMW Business CD Player Radio

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    It came out of a 2004 325i. I upgraded to a Dynavin. Send me your offers!
  7. FS: BMW Business CD out of '01 325i sedan

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Just upgraded to a Dynavin. Selling the BMW Business CD player out of my 2001 BMW 325i sedan. I took photos of the unit itself and all stickers, etc. on the back so you can see all part numbers listed. $100 + shipping to lower 48 only.
  8. FS: Blaupunkt CD53 head unit

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
  9. **Retrofitting: CD Player to Tape Player in 2000 328i**

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    delete post
  10. Carputer

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, I have seen may threads about installing a carputer and it is something I have managed to do over the summer, however i haven't completed it and need some advise. Currently my 7' lilliput screen has to be windscreen mounted, which is a pain when having to remove it every time i leave my...
  11. Any tips to re-attach Radio/CD Player On/Off/Volume button.

    General E46 Forum
    Hi All, Somebody who borrowed my car "accidently" knocked the Radio/CD Player On/Off button off.:yikes: Are there any easy tips on how to re-attach? The actual rubber knob you twist has a rubber seal around the back of it with 3 lugs. You have to stretch the rubber seal to get it over the...
  12. Fs: Look flip out dvd touch screen w dash kit 200

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hello fanatics i just recently upgraded to a double din and my single din with dash kit is up for grabs great unit touch screen dvd iplug everything you need cept navi its a Dual xdvd8181 : * In-dash AM/FM, CD, DVD, MP3, WMA player with Remote * Motorized, retractable face * 7"...
  13. FS: BMW business CD player $60

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    came out of my '05 325i its in good condition but it has the normal wear and tear of a car stereo but nothing to noticeable $66
  14. Stock 6-disc changer sucks!!!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Anyone here know anything about 6-disc changers?!?! My changer works when it wants to. It will work for a couple days and then wont work for a week. When it isnt working nothing even appears on the dash when I press "cd". I can sometimes get it to work when I unplug the cables to the actual...