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  1. Lighting
    I know, I know... ANOTHER thread on AE's :facepalm: I've been searching this forum, along with others and can't seem to find a solid answer. The car in question is an 04 Facelift Coupe with Projectors. I've been searching for a high quality kit (CCFL/SMD) that will fit, other than Umnitza (I'm...
  2. Lighting
    I have DEPO P46's with CCFL angel eyes I bought from Khoalty about 4 years ago. While everything works perfectly, my inverters have gone bad from time to time. 2 years after installation, one of them went out. I emailed Khoa and had two replacement inverters sent to me. Another year later, the...
  3. Lighting
    So I've done alot of researching and just get mixed reviews on the subject so I figure just to ask the question myself, what are better aftermarket halo (dual) headlights, CCFLs or standard LEDs? I was almost fully convinced that CCFLs were loaded with issues and just crappy compared to normal...
  4. Australia
    Here are some cars we have fitted angel eyes to in the last week Update coupes..... They are NOT fun to fit at all. :cry: Personal I like the CCFL more than the LED and a facelift sedan ok spot the wiring, I think I have got this to a art now :D
  5. E46 General
    I have a new set of Depo projector w/angel eyes (CCFL) headlights I need to sell. They fit 02'-03' 3 series Coupe/Convertible. A great upgrade for those of you that have those nasty yellow halogen lights! *THE HEADLIGHTS WILL ONLY WORK WITH THE MODELS THAT HAVE SCREW-ON CORNER LIGHTS AND WILL...
  6. Lighting
    So im trying to decide between the two. The LED halos are back ordered until end of the month and are also $200.00 as opposed to $50.00 (on clearance). I have almost all other LED upgrades but things are getting expensive. Should I wait on LED for $200 or just get CCFL for $50? Any opinions or...
1-6 of 11 Results