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ccfl angel eyes
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  1. Lighting Forum
    I live in Southern California, I like to keep my car looking pretty stock. I happen to think that the CCFLs look better/more stock than the LED angel eyes (looks too blue as well). What is the best brand/place to buy quality CCFLs? I know all the rage is about the Orion v2 - v4s, but I simply...
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    Parts4Euro.com | Angel Eye Projector Headlights & LED Taillights Tail lights for E90 E90 Angel Eye Black Facelift Style Projector Headlights PLEASE ORDER HERE E90 Angel Eye Black Projector Headlights PLEASE ORDER HERE E90 CCFL Angel Eye Chrome Projector Headlights PLEASE ORDER HERE...
  3. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    these p46 projector headlights have orion halos, projectors, and were installed on a e46 preface lift. With this Kit I also have a HID kit running 6000k. the kit contains the ballast and headlights. I used this whole setup for about 8 months so they are in great condition the only reason im...
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    Chrome Angel Eye Projector Headlights (Pre-Facelift Sedan and Wagon Only) PLEASE ORDER HERE Smoked Angel Eye Projector Headlights (Coupe Only PLEASE ORDER HERE E46 Coupe Head Light Lenses (Pre-Facelift) PLEASE ORDER HERE E46 Sedan Head Light Lenses (Facelift) PLEASE ORDER HERE...
  5. Video & Internet Clips
    *Tools needed* A Flat-head screw driver Image aided instructions 1= after removing your blinkers/indicators, pry out the top rubber headlight shield, you can undo the top 3 clips with your fingers and possibly the other 2 sitting next to the grill otherwise you a flathead screw driver. 2= pry...
  6. The Showroom
    What you guys think gold w/amber white w/black corners
1-7 of 7 Results