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  1. Driveline, Performance, Tuning
    Before I start I’ve swapped out my muffler for a magnaflow 14815. Overall the car from 1-10, stock being 3, is now like a 4.5. It doesn’t really get loud until 5k and up. I want to get it to a 6 in terms of loudness where it’s noticeable but not overdoing it since it’s my daily. I know headers...
  2. E46 General
    SO. I've had my '01 330i just about a year now, and have already done a decent number of repairs (alternator, battery, cooling refresh, valve cover (cracked) and gasket, disa, secondary air vacuum lines, fuel filter, pads and rotors, spark plugs, front sway bar end links, crankcase vent valve...
  3. E46 General
    My 2004 E46 with 68k miles drives, idles, accelerates normally, even the economy is normal BUT I got a CEL which has started to show on the dash after I did 2hrs of driving in 32C/90F and 70% humidity weather. I have had a garage to use diagnostic tool to reset any codes, but the CEL came back...
  4. E46 General
    My car had CEL from November of last year. Local mechanic changed a valve and said I am good to go. But the CEL came back again and it read P0491/92. I called the mechanic and he said secondary air is used only in cold start and its ok to drive it for a while. Done this till March and I took it...
  5. E46 General
    Which is better large tubing single exhaust or original BMW dual exhaust pipeing. :eek: I plan on geting a custom exhaust with headers, universal cats, resonator and Borla muffler. Large diameter pipe single exhaust will be cheaper because it eliminates the need for 2 cats, 2 resonators...
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1-6 of 6 Results