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  1. Navigation in sunglasses bin/ashtray?

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I looking around the other night and i came across what was claimed to be an OEM part that goes in place of the sunglass bin, and the ashtray. It was just a flat peice, and they had cut it to where their 7" navigation would fit behind it seemlessly. I have looked and looked and looked, google...
  2. Speaker and Carputer Installation. Pics.

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Take a look and see if this helps you out... The following is a brief compilation of images that record the series of steps I took in installing new component speakers, two subwoofers, two amps, and eventually a carputer. I had previously documented my speaker and amp install here. Thanks to...
  3. DIY: BMW E46 In-Car PC Project (Carputer)

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hello all! I***8217;m posting my DIY project of installing a computer system in my BMW E46 Coupe. The project is complete right now and took me around 2 weeks. Prices are in GBP but in US all the parts are definitely cheaper! My plan was to put the pc case on top of the battery cover using...