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  1. California
    BEFORE/AFTER PHOTO!: Hello everyone, My last two photoshoots were RUINED because I didn't know how to take a night photo. One at the beach which would have been awesome, and another at the HOLLYWOOD sign in LA tonight, which would have been really, really awesome. If I had known what you'll...
  2. Southeast
    Hey everyone, I was lurking around looking for some car meets but everyone seems to be very far away. If anyone in Augusta, GA or surrounding area would like to get together for a small meet either morning or afternoon hit me up! Would love to meet other fanatics around the area!
  3. Great Plains, Rocky Mountains
    My Style 5's get here tomorrow and I am looking around for a reputable shop to get my faces painted. Thanks!
  4. California
    Hey guys, I started out detailing just my own cars and now I have all these supplies sitting around.. I am willing to detail cars for a nice affordable price! I, only use quality products like the Porter Cable 7424XP, Lake Country Pads, XMT, Meguiars, Mothers, 3M, Menzerna, Pinnacle, Chemical...
  5. E46 General
    I bought a 03 325i about two months ago. I think my computer reads wrong or there is something wrong with my fuel pump/filter because when my computer read 36mi till empty i parked it in my driveway but i didnt start again till i put gas in it. Now whenever im in traffic moving 10mph or less my...
  6. Australia
    113xxx on the odo and still a beauty, love this car
  7. DIY Guides
    I have this issue, and i'm just wondering what it may be. I had an O2 sensor replaced a few weeks back. Its kind of having the same symptoms, but idk if it could be related to the sensor again or something else. Any help is much appreciated. I included a video below...
  8. E46 General
    What'd you do to your car and why? Brag, rant, complain...I don't give a :censor: Upload pics if you're not a liar :clap:
1-8 of 27 Results