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  1. Factory hardtop for E46 cabrio

    E46 Convertible
    Original factory option BMW hardtop for E46 3-series convertibles model years 1997-2006. Mint condition, with BMW upright storing rack on wheels and full cover. This hardtop was a C$5,000 factory option. . It is beautifully engineered with full headliner, grab handles, left/right rear reading...
  2. Convertible top color restoration

    E46 Convertible
    Hi, all- my black top seems to be discoloring/fading in areas (see pics) In one of the pictures, it looks like it's fading where it folds, and the other shows these little dots that are showing up on two of the support ribs. The inside of the top is perfect, no leaks or anything. Thanks in...
  3. Soft top flap not lifted

    E46 Convertible
    Dears, hi :hi: I've faced with some problem with my cabriolet. First of all, i don'd have problems with 'closing' only with "opening" :) My roof doesn't go further to the "trunk" and system gives something like "error" and everything stops. That section where is roof rear glass stops in the...
  4. Not latching + not opening.

    E46 Convertible
    Hello BMW friends Im writing becouse I hope that somebody can help me... Ive got the same problem with my roof as abinley have had. I hope its legal, i dont want to make advertisement. I know he gave the solution but I still cant understand...
  5. 92 e30 vert with hardtop, windscreen, 5 spd, 134k, well maintained, Oregon, now $4000

    Complete Cars - Private
    Hey folks, Time to sell the e30. I had it sold at $6,500 and then it got backed into in a parking lot. I repaired it (minus paint on the fender and valance) and had it sold again for $4,500. He then strung me along for over a month and then backed out. He did have a good reason...anyway, I need...
  6. FS: 2003.5 mystic blue M3 vert with SMG 82k miles $17500

    Complete Cars - Private
    For sale in the St. Louis, MO area (Belleville, IL to be exact) for $17,500: 2003.5 BMW M3 (E46) mystic blue convertible (blue rag top) with 6 speed SMG transmission. I bought it June 2011 with 74,000 miles in Queens, NY from a NYPD officer and drove it back to Mascoutah, IL 62258. It now has...
  7. please wtb oem rear spirngs for vert or wagon

    Suspension and Braking
    I think one of my rear springs is done on my wagon with sport package need help with a replacement please e-mail and or pm me. thanks
  8. For Sale : E46 OEM Cabrio LED Tail Lights

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Up for sale are a pair of OEM BMW E46 Cabrio/Convertible LED tail lights from a 2006 M3. These are only the outer lights, no inner trunk lights. Included are the OEM retrofit wires so these are plug and play. The lights are made by BMW and you can see that they were produced sometime between...
  9. WTB E46 Vert Full Alarm System Oem

    Hi If any fanatic has a complete OEM Alarm setup for a convertible convert vert cabrio cabriolet, please let me know I'm looking for one for purchase. It should have everything needed for the install i.e. the harness, tilt sensors, hood sensors (I believe I have this one already, it's the...
  10. BMW Performance cross drilled rotors for 330s

    General E46 Forum
    BMW Performance cross drilled rotors for 330s [ more pics ] with the help of BMW HK Chai Wan Parts, very happy and received my new front and rear rotors. - BMW M two piece rotors, ventilated, perforated, 325X25 front, left and right - BMW M rotors, ventilated, perforated, 320X22 rear - for...
  11. looking for Anthony Howarth / speed religion for BMW performance caliper bracket e46

    General E46 Forum
    hi, looking for Anthony Howarth / speed religion who previously geninusly first developed the caliper bracket to fit the BMW Performance 6 pistons caliper for E46s. understand although business circumstances may have change, but keen to proceed such for my 2005 E46 330Ci. would appreciate...
  12. My first thread

    The Showroom
    - Mod's - Black out sidemarkers, reflectors, Turn signals, Custom stainless steel cat-back, AFe magnum intake, 5mm rear spacers, H&R Lowering Springs, Debadged. More pics to come very soon, just looking for some feedback. Thanks Future Mod's - Black out kidneys, Angel eyes, LED Tails, KW...
  13. motion sensor fabrication pre-2004 vert

    General E46 Forum
    I have searched and searched on this but no luck! I am trying to find out if anyone has installed a motion sensor on a pre-2004 convertible (which is not pre-wired for a motion sensor)! Any help would be fantastic.... thanks you guys rock!!:banghead:
  14. FS: BSW ib110 Subwoofer System for e46 cabrio (2000-2006)

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I'm selling my Bavarian sound werks BSW ib110 subwoofer system from my old e46 convertible. This was the best upgrade I made to the car and didn't sell it when I sold the car. It is in perfect shape and comes with the amplifier, power / ground cables and install instructions. Its great that...
  15. Vert LEDs - Finally!

    Lighting Forum
    my 4 piece LED kit (eagle eyes) arrived yesterday. :excited: Car is filthy, but you get the idea. Exterior fit is good Interior lights on both sides and the best part... no LCM adjustments / errors (10/2000 production car)
  16. FS: e46 hardtop

    Titanium Silver Metallic hardtop should fit any e46 convertible. Interior lights and defroster work great, has no dents or scratches inside or out. Hard top is in Ithaca,NY right now but I can get it to Boston in a few weeks if someone is interested enough. $1000
  17. Vorsteiner CSL Carbon Fiber Trunk for M3 Cabio! LIMITED TIME ONLY!

    Sponsor Press Releases & New Product Announcements
    For a limited time only, we are taking orders for Vorsteiner CSL trunks for the E46 M3 Cabrio! They are available in single sided or double sided carbon fiber. These were discontinued, but Vorsteiner has decided to bring them back for just a little bit longer....Pick up yours before they're...