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  1. A thing of beauty..

    Polen season over..top came down
  2. Exterior
    New never used genuine BMW supports with wiring for convertible hardtop. I also have a set of used ones in excellent condition for $175. Need to sell either one.
    $275 USD
  3. E46 Convertible
    Hey, my roof is stuck open because of the pins aren't going quite into place. It's not a wire issue, as i was doing it manually. Does anyone know how to re-align these pins to connect
  4. E46 Convertible
    Ok, so far I've unbolted it, but struggle to remove the connection to the hydraulic pump. Is there anyway to remove the frame + soft top (getting a new one) without removing the hydraulic pump and the bottom bracket bit?
  5. E46 Convertible
    Hey all, even by doing it manually I still can't get it to open at all, was wondering if anyone could help
  6. E46 Convertible
    Hey all, I did as everyone says, push the button in and then turn it to the right till it can't no more, yet the top still won't come off. I really need to get it off, because of the drains blocked and water is coming into the boot. The top is open too while I do this.
  7. E46 Convertible
    When driving along I can hear the wind so I don't think its sealed properly. The motors don't work but can take it off manually, has anyone got any ideas how to fix?
  8. E46 General
    Afternoon guys, I’m already aware of a coolant leak on my 320ci Cabrio - I don’t know where it is but I know it’s there. However my coolant light is staying in after about 3 minutes on every drive. My engine temp doesn’t move from the 12 o clock mark at all either. After checking my coolant...
  9. E46 Convertible
    Hi, all- my black top seems to be discoloring/fading in areas (see pics) In one of the pictures, it looks like it's fading where it folds, and the other shows these little dots that are showing up on two of the support ribs. The inside of the top is perfect, no leaks or anything. Thanks in...
  10. E46 Convertible
    Dears, hi :hi: I've faced with some problem with my cabriolet. First of all, i don'd have problems with 'closing' only with "opening" :) My roof doesn't go further to the "trunk" and system gives something like "error" and everything stops. That section where is roof rear glass stops in the...
  11. E46 Convertible
    Hello BMW friends Im writing becouse I hope that somebody can help me... Ive got the same problem with my roof as abinley have had. http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showt...post1065032578 I hope its legal, i dont want to make advertisement. I know he gave the solution but I still cant understand...
  12. E46 General
    BMW Performance cross drilled rotors for 330s [ more pics ] with the help of BMW HK Chai Wan Parts, very happy and received my new front and rear rotors. - BMW M two piece rotors, ventilated, perforated, 325X25 front, left and right - BMW M rotors, ventilated, perforated, 320X22 rear - for...
  13. E46 General
    hi, looking for Anthony Howarth / speed religion who previously geninusly first developed the caliper bracket to fit the BMW Performance 6 pistons caliper for E46s. understand although business circumstances may have change, but keen to proceed such for my 2005 E46 330Ci. would appreciate...
  14. E46 Showroom
    - Mod's - Black out sidemarkers, reflectors, Turn signals, Custom stainless steel cat-back, AFe magnum intake, 5mm rear spacers, H&R Lowering Springs, Debadged. More pics to come very soon, just looking for some feedback. Thanks Future Mod's - Black out kidneys, Angel eyes, LED Tails, KW...
  15. E46 General
    I have searched and searched on this but no luck! I am trying to find out if anyone has installed a motion sensor on a pre-2004 convertible (which is not pre-wired for a motion sensor)! Any help would be fantastic.... thanks you guys rock!!:banghead:
  16. Lighting
    my 4 piece LED kit (eagle eyes) arrived yesterday. :excited: Car is filthy, but you get the idea. Exterior fit is good Interior lights on both sides and the best part... no LCM adjustments / errors (10/2000 production car)
1-18 of 19 Results