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  1. E46 Convertible
    This is my first post, but I've owned / bought / sold several BMW's since the 1990's. Stumbled on an ad for an '01 330ci convertible with 64k by the original owner. I don't think they had any idea what they were selling. It's now my wife's car, and I frequently walk into the driveway at night to...
  2. DIY: Do It Yourself
    After 11 years of constant usage, the 6 in total headliner pillar covers on my E46 gave up. Sunlight, worn fabric peeling, dirt were enough to make me replace all of them. I preferred this method over wrapping because I didn't want to experiment with glues and fabrics and I also wanted an OEM...
  3. E46 General
    When parts are labelled as "left" or "right" for a car, it's relative to the direction you face when you're sitting in the driver's seat, correct? So, for example, I want to replace the C-Pillar that is over over the backseat that is behind the passenger seat of my left hand drive E46. That is...
1-3 of 3 Results