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  1. Buying a second E46

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy another E46 however this time a 6 pot. I currently own a 318ci 118HP which doesn't quite cut it, love the car itself however the engine isn't enough. Was thinking of going for a 2.2 Sport 170HP. Would the gains be substantial enough of would you recommend a 325...
  2. Buying BMW E46 M3 2004 Convertible HELP NEEDED

    General E46 Forum
    Hello I'm looking to buy an M3. For now this particular car is beautiful, but :banghead: I need your pro help forum-mates please take a look and tell me your opinion! link::read: it's on the craigslist, has a Salvage title, the owner...
  3. Thoughts/advice on a 2002 325cic purchase?

    General E46 Forum
    It'd be a first BMW for us, we have owned two VWs over the years but my wife would like something a little more fun to drive when the weather gets warm--convertible is required. It would be strictly a luxury item, so we aren't budgeting for it as if it were a daily commuter (love our tdi for...
  4. Looking for E46

    Complete Cars - Private
    Preferable color white, black, grey (maybe two colored bodywork) body: coupe year: 2001-2005 Miles: less then 100K can be M series transmission : Manual, NO AUTOMATIC, NO SMG price: up to 9000 Anything interesting will look! I'm in Los Angeles, CA Thanks