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  1. 2004 330ci Manual Convertible. 72k miles, good buy?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have found 2004 330CI manual Convertible with 72K miles. No accidents or damage on CarFax. Regular oil changes completed... Here are the things that have been done to it in terms of maintenance in last 23k miles: Oxygen Sensor Battery Thermostat and Outlet...
  2. Help deciding which E46 is right - M3, 330ci, 320ci..

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, Finally at a point where I am able to purchase the dream car - E46:evil:, was hoping to get some help/advice around the specific model to purchase and general information on prices, they seem to be incredible varied! Important to note: I do not expect to sell/trade car at any time...
  3. Want to buy: E46 Ebrake and Dust Shields

    Suspension and Braking
    Looking for any parts of E46 Ebrake kit, please let me know -I just bought my 2003 330xi and the brake shoes are fully worn out and the Parking Brake Expanding Lock is fully rusted out. -If anyone has dust shields I also need a new pair!
  4. Want to buy: E46 Ebrake kit + dust shields

    Parting Out
    Looking for any parts of E46 Ebrake kit, please let me know -I just bought my 2003 330xi and the brake shoes are fully worn out and the Parking Brake Expanding Lock is fully rusted out. -If anyone has dust shields I also need a new pair!
  5. Help on potential buys

    ///M3 Forum
    So im looking at these 2 cars and wanted some input from a more experienced fanatic on which one i should choose. I am currently living in Orange County CA, here are the links, thanks for your input.
  6. WTB Smoked Corner lights - '01 Vert

    NY / NJ / CT
    I'm looking for some smoked corner lights for my convertible. I might also be interested in picking up an entire set of smoked lights (corners, side, tail, and reflectors), if anyone has it. I'm located in North NJ, and I'm definitely willing to pick up.
  7. QUICK help! Should I buy this ZHP?

    General E46 Forum
    Okay, so I've been an E46 owner for almost 3 years now and I think it's time to upgrade. As much as I want an M3 I can't afford it. I currently own a 2003 325i. The opportunity has just come up for buying this ZHP sedan and I need the E46 community's opinions on whether or not I should buy...
  8. Looking for e46 M3 Under $17,000

    Complete Cars - Private
    I'm looking for a BMW e46 M3 any year for under $17,000. I would prefer a coupe and absolutely no salvage titles! I am okay with both a 6-speed manual or the SMG. If anyone has anything they would like share feel free to place them in the thread. Thank You for any replies
  9. How much would you pay for this?

    General E46 Forum
    I am in search for an E46. I found a 99 323i, auto, with 149K miles on it. It runs pretty well and all options work, except the airbag light is on. The leather is worn, but interior is not dirty and outside is above average condition. No maint. records, it is a dealer trade in. They want $3,500...
  10. Engine Needed N42B20A

    Engine & Performance
    Hi, Im after a e46 bmw n42nb20a Engine as mine has a problem. Can anyone help. Many Thanks
  11. WTB 2003-2006 e46 m3

    Complete Cars - Private
    Hi everyone, I am looking for my first M3. Hope I can find it here. Looking for a E46 M3 that is: Color: White, Gun-metal, Imola Red or Laguna Seca Blue Trans: Manual only. Mileage: Preferably below 100 miles. Interior: Black preferred. No convertibles, only coupe. Stock preferred, but...
  12. Looking for a E46 convertible

    E46 Convertible
    hey so I'm looking to pick up a 2001-2005 330ci. Problem is I'm trying to find one that has: manual transmission sports package blue ext baseball glove tan interior I know it's tough to find the perfect used car, but i think that color combo is the nicest out there. Let me know if you guys...
  13. Just about to buy 320 ci 02 plate. HELP!

    General E46 Forum
    It has 100 k miles on clock. Looks really clean and well cared for. Bridgestone tyres and excellent spec. Please tell me, all you fanatics, about what I should be looking out for, or what may be just about to go around this age / mileage! It is up for £4,800 by the way.
  14. WTB E46 m3 2003-2005 <22 arizona

    Complete Cars - Private
    Good Afternoon, I am searching for a vehicle of the BMW M3 variation with less than 85,000 miles around the price of 22,000 dollars. I currently own a 2003 325i and have grown quite tired of it and require an upgrade. Cheers! :thumbup:
  15. Buying from a dealer auction, a good idea?

    General E46 Forum
    I'm thinking of hiring a dealer/broker to find that perfect 2003-2005 E46 at wholesale price + commission. Has anyone ever gone this route before? Any experiences? One dealer told me all the good cars in that year range are being sold at retail on someone's lot, and all the rotten/problem ones...
  16. looking for my first 6MT E46!!

    Complete Cars - Private
    im in a hurry to buy! looking for an e46, preferably 2004 or 2005, with a documented maintenance history, and all recall work done. Must be a 6 MT, other options don't matter. i have the cash now, and i'm located in Northern NY. i'm willing to travel, assuming the car meets my conditions. HELP!
  17. Bmw m3

    General E46 Forum
    Hey looking to sell my 323i and get a ///M3 (i know the lines aren't necessary but it looks pretty cool lol) I'm having trouble finding good deals here in Oregon i know part of it is haggling the dealer down but its hard to find one in my price range I'm trying to find something like an 01 with...
  18. WTB: Amp OEM Standard

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I'm looking to buy a working standard amp for my 2001 330CI convertible. Must be marked E46/C for its frequency, please (not E46/2, E46/3, or E46/4). I'm offering $50 (that includes shipping). Basing that price from the listings on eBay. None of the ones around $100 have any bids (and those are...
  19. WTB: E46 Coupe/Sedan less than 80k

    Complete Cars - Private
    Looking for an e46 either coupe or sedan, with less than 80k. AWD or ZHP would be great if possible. Not to picky about colors, but I really like titanium silver, steel gray, black, and alpine white the best. Manual or Auto both o.k. Modded or not modded ok. Just really focusing on low miles...
  20. BMW E46 Needed!!! Will buy

    General E46 Forum
    Hi Everyone, I need E46 preferably powerful engine, coupe, manual transmission. Colors Black, White, Orange, Silver! I don't have much money (no more then 5000), that's why I am staying away from M3, but I would love to. I live in LA, California! Appreciate your help! :bow: Actually I love...