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  1. Any E46 All sold

    I upgraded to a two-stage airbag, so my sport wheel is up for grabs. Wheel itself is coming soon, but for now I have airbag and buttons. Shipping at buyers expense Airbag (triangle): Sold Buttons, only one small dot of wear: Sold Coming soon! Facelift steering wheel multifunction. Great shape...
  2. FS: Sport Steering Wheel, media buttons, great shape

    For sale is a used BMW Sport Steering wheel with media and cruise buttons. <br> Round airbag style (airbag is NOT included)<br> This is for a stickshift or automatic BMW only, this wheel does not have the portals for SMG paddles. <br> <br> Condition is excellent. This came off of my gently used...
  3. steering wheel buttons + radar detector button question

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    So i have an x50, and I am planning on hardwiring it this weekend. the stock x50 socket plug has a red(+12v)wire, a green (ground) wire and a black (mute?) button wire. I bought a phone cable and am planning on wiring the power and ground from the headliner location. I am pretty sure about how...
  4. Fully Equipped E46

    General E46 Forum
    Wondering if anybody has their center console buttons maxed out, like in this picture here. If so, would you share some pictures?