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  1. SOLD: E46 M3 - pair of OE Genuine BMW FCABs (bushings) pre-pressed into OE Genuine housings

    Suspension and Braking
    Had a spare set of empty FCAB lollipops on me and decided to just press in some new bushings then sell the set since the ones on my car are still so new and I do so few miles. See pics below. Condition is perfect/new. Ships USPS priority ($8). $90 shipped/paypal'd. There's a guy who sells the...
  2. Any E46 Fs: Fcab

    Suspension and Braking
    SOLD For sale I have a set of FCABs pressed into their 'lollipop' brackets. Condition: New Price: $50 shipped (UPS Ground) Part number(s): 31126783376, 31126757623, 31126777850 You may check compatibility with your vehicle using the part number search on Thanks for...
  3. WTB Turner Solid Subframe Bushings

    Suspension and Braking
    If anyone has unused ones that they want to get rid of, I'm redoing my car with Vincebar and skinz this week...otherwise, I'll just order them new in the next day! :hi:
  4. DIY Bushing

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Greetings and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! My name's Nick, I drive an Automatic 2004 330Ci Coupe, and I desperately need your help (I can't emphasize this enough) We got this car from my buddy and it wasn't in the best of shape; After sitting for a couple months only had 2 of the 6+ quarts of...
  5. Bmw E46 Shifter play side-to-side (in gear) and little up/down

    General E46 Forum
    Hello everyone, I have a slight problem..... Currently my BMW 325ci has a lot of slop sideways in gears 1-4. Gear 5 and reverse don't seem to have this issue as much probably because they are used less? There is a slight up and down movement as well. I have been doing some research and I...
  6. Any BMW WTR: Front (small) diff bushing tool in SF Bay area by Fri

    E46 BMW Tools for sale or rent
    Title says it all. Hopefully someone in San Francisco has one I can borrow for the day. Need it by Friday morning.
  7. Any E46 Koch Tools for Differential Bushings *cheap deposit*

    E46 BMW Tools for sale or rent
    These are two different tools that have the ability to remove and install all three differential bushings on your E46. They may be rented separately or together depending on availability. Deposit for single tool is $100/ Rental fee of $30 Deposit for both tools $200/ Rental fee of $50 I ship...
  8. Ditching the clunk, replacing CSB+more. Bushings?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys! This is probably my happiest post on here since this will be my final repair to a completely sound car (shhh, don't mention VANOS seals. That's my summer project)! I have a fear of being under my car...with my current tools, so to avoid the fear and any snags I'd reach along the way...
  9. Any E46 Koch Tools - ALL E36/E46 Balljoint and RTAB toolset

    E46 BMW Tools for sale or rent
    For rent is a Koch Tools BMW E36/E46 Rear suspension bushing remover/installer tool set. Tool flawlessly removes and reinstalls bushings. Owner's manual attached in pdf form. -RTABs -Rear ball joints -FCABs/LCAs $275 core charge for 2 week rental. $220 returned when tool returns in good shape.
  10. Teething issues.. Several

    ///M3 Forum
    Okay im new to the forum so first of all, hi everyone. A fortnight ago i bit the bullet and made the jump from my estoril blue e46 330D touring daily and bugeye STI weekend car to one of the cleanest e46 M3's ive seen. I work away during the week and only used the 330D for trips to the...
  11. E46 Trailing arm bushing

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, I have a 2001 325ci. Very well maintained, no rust on the bottom side. It has been sprayed with some rubbery anti-rust material and looks very well. The car is 14 years old and needs the Trailing Arm Bushings replaced. As of now, the rear subframe looks intact. My question is: what are the...
  12. FS - Meyle HD Control Arm Bushings + Carrier - $70 shipped

    Suspension and Braking
    Selling a set of brand new Meyle Heavy Duty front control arm bushings + carriers! Comes with original box and all hardware that came with the box. These typically retail for $80+ online. Fits ALL e46 sedans + coupes; does NOT fit xi's or M3's. $60, SoCal pickup (but can meet halfway if you're...
  13. AKG Motorsports Subframe Bushing Set (New) sold

    Suspension and Braking
    AKG Motorsports Subframe Bushing Set. I decided to go a different path with my car and have no use for these. If I were to return them I will spend $ to ship back to AKG and b/c I opened the packaging I can get a credit but would rather have $$$. New from AKG these are $250 + about $20 in...
  14. ECS Teflon Shifter Bushings...

    E46 Xi Forum
    Hey guys, I contacted ECS customer support but they were unable to confirm that... the bushings in this this kit: replace this/these...
  15. Rear trailing arm bushing

    General E46 Forum
    A few months ago i installed a Bilstein shock set on my 2000 323i and after a few months before installing camber kits on both the front and the back :loco: i had considerable wear on the inside of my left rear tire. i noticed that after a few months of driving to try and flatten out the wear of...
  16. E46 RTAB Help Needed!

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Today I got the MIS RTAB tool, made the install of my bushing quite a breeze, however after looking into needing an alignment, I am seeing all of this about preloading the bushings! I thought everything went smoothly but after dropping the car to the floor and there was a pop. I am guessing this...
  17. FS: Brand New Meyle HD RTAB + ECS RTAB limiters $75 for E36/E46

    Suspension and Braking
    Brand New Meyle HD RTAB + ECS RTAB limiters $75 for E36/E46. Bought these recently but found out my car already has poly RTABs so I have no need for these. Price: $75 Shipped (Buyer covers fees or gifts) Location: New York, NY
  18. DIY control arm bushing replacement, the easy way

    General E46 Forum
    There are lots of DIY for control arm bushing replacement. There are two tricky parts to the job: get the old bushing off and getting the new one on. To get it off I used a knife to cut the rubber and took off the outer metal sleeve, then I used a gear puller to pull off the remaining plastic...
  19. Bent rear trailing arm? Out of ideas

    Suspension & Braking
    Hi guys, been browsing the site for quite a while looking for a similar case but I'm not sure if I've found one. Basically my problem is this, my right rear wheel is sitting at a negative 2.4 camber and is obviously very off. My left rear is sitting at negative 1.5 and is ideal. The problem has...
  20. Rear Bushing Kit Sizes?

    Suspension & Braking
    I'm looking to do my entire rear suspension including all bushings (ie. upper and lower control arms, RTAB, and subframe). I see there is a specific BMW kit for this work, but they are very expensive. I assume any bushing press kit will work...unless BMW is special? If it is possible to use...