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burned projectors

  1. E46 Sedan FS: Burned OEM ZKW projectors & LENS! Working.

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I have a pair of OEM ZKW projectors and OEM ZKW lenses from my facelift 2005 BMW 330i. Be advised, the one on the left in the first picture is VERY burned around the bulb area - the plastic is charred because IPO (Idiot Previous Owner) left the bulb inserted cockeyed, with the brown filament...
  2. Headlight Reflector Bowl Burnout DIY

    Lighting Forum
    Problem: Heat output from Xenon bulbs in 2001-2005 3 Series causes the reflector bowl in the Xenon Headlight Assembly to discolor (usually a burnt brown) that diminishes the light output, thus causing the entire headlight assembly to look very dark. Apparently this is a rather common problem...
  3. Zkw projector bowls shot

    Lighting Forum
    Hi I own a 2004 BMW 325i and I too am a victim of the burned out ZKW projector bowls. I was wondering if you could just simply purchase the AL Lenses with the brakets, then simply use the bulbs and ballasts that I already have? I really like to keep my car OEM as much as possible but if the...