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  1. E46 M3 body parts

    I have two sets of front fenders one set is white 250 and the other is a matte grey 200 also 2sets of doors silver 250 white 250 bunch of other misc stuff PM for anything you want maybe I have it one rear bumper for m3 white 200
  2. WTB Imola M3 f/r bumpers and diffuser

    Body of the e46 m3 I just picked up need some work. I want to replaced the cracked bumpers so I am looking for excellent condition front and rear bumpers. OEM or CSL style are fine. Additionally also looking for a CF CSL style diffuser (don't care about brand as long as it fits well) that...
  3. questions about Bumpers

    General E46 Forum
    Hi folks I am having my car re sprayed and it is fully stripped down just now, my front bumper is cracked so i have to get another one i think not worth trying to fix it, i love the look of the rear m3 bumper but am i right in saying it wont fit because of the rear arches being more flared out...
  4. [WTB] OEM M3 parts: hood, fenders, skirts, bumpers, mirrors

    First sorry for my English ... and error to come I recently had the misfortune to be hit by someone who has not complied with STOP indicator. My car is an E46 convertible and want to do list for OEM M3 parts: front fenders wings back (for cut my old fenders) the left one is distroid front hood...
  5. BMW upgrades by umnitza

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    Hi Forum members, My name is Tim, I am the sales manager for Umnitza. First of all i want to welcome all of you to the BMW world. We specialize in BMW parts and accessories, we have everything from headlamps,orion v2 angel eyes, led side marker,interior,front corners,license plate and many...
  6. Where should i buy M-Tech bumpers from?

    General E46 Forum
    I have decided between ddm tuning or umnitza to buy my bumpers. I was wondering what reviews people have on these two companies. I would prefer umnitza because the shipping is much less. And I live near buy so I may try and do a will call. I was just wondering how fitment is for each of these...
  7. Canadian Web Sites

    General E46 Forum
    Just wondering Any good canadian websites to order upgrades from????? I need rims and a m3 or Mtech II front bumper for my 2000 323i sedan.... Every time i order stuff from USA, Customs and shippings kill me. $200 doller parts end up being $400:ben: Any idea?