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    Edit: Found one, thanks.
  2. E46 Coupe FS: 330Ci front bumper - E46 pre-facelift - Steel Grey Met.

    Hi, looking to free up some attic space. This bumper has been sitting in a box since 2007 when I put the ZHP bumper on my coupe. It has about 30K worth of road time on it and is in very good shape, with the exception of a small bit of "curbage" underneath on pass side. Color is Steel Grey...
  3. Fender and Bumper upgrades?

    E46 Xi Forum
    My neighbor backed into my car and broke the front bumper and right fender. He's paying me cash, so I thought it'd be a nice opportunity to upgrade them to m3 fender and ZHP bumper. Is that an easy hot swappable task or is it more involving? My goal is not to exceed the amount he's giving me...
  4. Hello There!! (And a quick question)

    General E46 Forum
    Hey everyone! Hope y'all are very fine and doing good with your rides. I've just moved into Long Beach, CA and had to buy a car for the trip from home to school every day. I'm a BMW and a convertible enthusiast at the same time, soooo I went for a 2005 325Ci Conv. that fits my budget. I love...
  5. Any E46 Replica Aero Kit Coupe Front Bumper

    Replica Aero Kit front coupe bumper for sale. Bumper is primed and is like new. It has some finger prints on it from being handled but is in great shape. $150 obo
  6. What is this part called?

    General E46 Forum
    I've already looked around, and I am at a complete loss. I went even on the RealOEM website for this part and its not even labeled. I see it on the diagram but its not labeled from what I can see. I have a 2001 BMW 330Ci. Its a part of the bumper but it can come off. Its all cracked up and I...
  7. Hood/Bumper Advice

    General E46 Forum
    Back again for some advice, or interesting ideas for some body work i'm doing on/for the car. First 3 attachments: So the inevitable fan failure occurred a few months back, unfortunately it exploded 2 weeks after I had just put on the pristine black hood I had bought for...
  8. WTB M-Tech 1 Front Bumper

    So here's the deal I have a 99 328i that has the mtech 1 kit but I a raccoon in the middle of the night and tore the lip of my bumper right off and I really don't want anything other than mtech 1 it just looks the best to be so if you have a front bumper (titanium silver would be nice) but any...
  9. E46 Coupe OEM BMW E46 M tech 2 bumpers.

    Got a Front and Rear M tech 2 bumper taken off a coupe. Front is Alpine White Rear is Metallic Silver Asking $175 front, $150 rear. Located in Los Angeles, not willing to ship, local pick up at the moment only. text 310-200-9438 for pictures.
  10. E46 Coupe FS: front bumper covers, 1 red, 1 silver, non-M. in NC

    REDUCED... see my last post For Sale: Front bumper cover, non-M, pre-facelift. . . Red: from 2001 330Ci. VG cond. Ti Silver: from 2003 330Ci. SOLD, no longer available. SpecE46 racers require the M-style bumper cover, so these are surplus to our needs. Can ship, but prefer pick-up...
  11. Extreme Dimensions - Holiday Sale 2016 Duraflex | Carbon Creations | Couture HoHoHo!

    Site Sponsor Specials and Sales
    Happy Holidays! We are starting our Annual Holiday Sale and all the parts you want from Extreme Dimensions are on SALE. I have too many parts to list prices, so let me know what you want. In order to get in on the holiday goodness, you have to check your list & check it twice: * Go to...
  12. WTB: Pre facelifted Crome OEM Grill

    Looking for a pair of Chrome kidney grills. Let me know guys. One side has only 2 rods and the other fell of and shattered on the highway. 01 3.25ci
  13. Wtb: Sedan/touring items

    Looking for a driver side fender in Oriental Blue. Had a mishap on the highway and need to replace it. I am just North of Houston if anyone is local. Also looking for new front bumper, a plus if it's pre-painted, I would like to do a M3 style or Csl style.
  14. Where/Can I find a lip for this front bar?/bumper?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys looking for an aftermarket lip to fit this particular front bumper. Any ideas where I could get my hands on one?
  15. Any E46 E46 CSL, Hamann, M3, body parts

    CSL front bumper rep painted (slight damage) $200 obo M3 rear bumper for e46 non m single exhaust $375 Authentic Hamann side skirts $200 Authentic Hamann roof spoiler $150 Authentic Hamann trunk spoiler $150 Local pick-up, shipping is available Located in Suwanee, GA 7703124728 Also selling...
  16. For Sale: OEM E46 M3 Rear Bumper

    Hi, I am selling a TiAG OEM E46 M3 Rear Bumper. Asking for $200. I live in NY, prefer local pickup. I will consider shipping it as well. PM me! Pictures: <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a> <a...
  17. E46 M3 WTB: Front End

    Parting Out
    I'm looking for the front end to an M3. I'm also located in Anaheim California and willing to pay for shipping if you're willing to ship. Bumper+support bar, fenders, hood
  18. E46 M3 WTB: Front End

    I'm looking for the front end to an M3. I'm also located in Anaheim California and willing to pay for shipping if you're willing to ship. Bumper+support bar, fenders, hood
  19. Rear Ended - what to check?

    General E46 Forum
    I stopped, the driver behind me didn't notice. Took the hat right off my head, and the whole thing occured right in front of the police station. My rear bumper obviously needs to be replaced, but what else should I have my mechanic look at specifically? Sub frame, and...? How much does it...
  20. Selling: NEW Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser Dual Exhaust for E90 LCI Performance Bumper

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    Got this as a Christmas gift. Wrong version for my car which has a MTech bumper. $250USD shipping (no markup) This Brand New Performance Style Carbon Fiber Exhaust Diffuser is the perfect add-on to your BMW E90 LCI Sedan Performance Package! When installed it will give you a lower...