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bulb out

  1. Lighting Issues and Programming Questions

    General E46 Forum
    Forgive me, as I'm new to the forum. I've been searching through roughly 12 pages of lighting issue, LCM posts and while I found a great deal of solid advice, I am still left curious about my situation. - Full story to follow. - If you'd like to skip, then the short of it is: 2004 325Ci -...
  2. Turn signal load resistor install question

    Lighting Forum
    I just ordered LED turn signal bulbs for my 2003 325i and because of that I had to order the resistors also. They won't come in until tomorrow and I'm pretty sure it's easy to install, but I have a question before I receive and install them tomorrow. When I install the resistor do I jus let it...
  3. LED Install Help Wanted!

    General E46 Forum
    So, here is the horror story of my LED turn signal install, let's hope somebody here can help me... I started on my left turn signal, installed the resistor in parallel, and used the included wire taps. After installing the left turn signal I tested it outside the bulb casing and it worked...
  4. M3 e46 Rear LED(OEM) test sequence on start up?!

    Lighting Forum
    check out this you tube video of my OEM factory fitted rear led's on my 2004 M3, it will do this everytime i turn the ignition on. Any ideas looks kinda cool, but why does it do it...... it makes me look like a copper or something?! Its an identical sequence everytime...its not random...
  5. HID problem

    General E46 Forum
    Hello. I bought and installed aftermarket Philips HID kit with resistors. Everything was fine just before 4 days ago. Recently I start having the issue with the kit. First, indicator of the bulb out come on dashboard on passenger side. Couple of days later the driver side light on dash came on...