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brushed aluminum

  1. DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hey guys haven't been on here much but here is something I was working on this weekend and thought I should share. I was not a fan of the Titan Shadow interior trim on the M3, so I swapped it out for some Brushed Aluminum! It also demonstrates how to take the trim pieces off if in case you...
  2. Interior
    Hi guys! Currently looking to replace my (slightly worn) black cube (carbon fibre style) interior trim with some brushed aluminium trim. I've read from different sources that the convertible trim is hard to buy for due to the smaller rear armrests and the extra window switch on the centre...
  3. Interior
    E46 M3 and Coupe Matt Chrome Rear Armrests (Aluminum Look) Left & Right rear armrests in "matt chrome". It's a satin, almost brushed, aluminum finish. These are both sides and are BRAND NEW and still in the BMW boxes. BMW part numbers 51438257962 and 51438257961. Should fit all E46 coupes - M3...
  4. Interior
    Hey Fanatics, anybody have silver sedan trim, or brushed Aluminum trim for sedan that they are willing to part? Must be clean and free of any scratches. Mostly because there's this huge dent/scratch on my passenger side trim under the air bag and it looks hideous... let me know, PM me!