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  1. General E46 Forum
    Hi all, I ordered a Meistersatz auto trans filter kit since I had seen many recommendations for it. However, fcp euro sent me one from Rein auto parts instead. Should I let it go back, or would Rein auto also be good? The gasket consists of metal or aluminum on the outside and black rubber on...
  2. Tire & Wheel Forum
    I will be purchasing some VMR 703's and have a general idea of what tire specs I'll be choosing. What I'm asking for here are suggestions on low profile tire brands of good quality that will not cost me an arm and a leg. I don't want crap tires nor do I want top of the line. Middle of the road...
  3. Suspension and Braking
    Hey guys, I have for sale a set of brand new Turner Motorsport E46 swaybars (non-M3 fitment). I recently moved towards a sponsorship opportunity with another supplier and thus will be running their product instead. The bars are in perfect condition and come with all bushings and bolts...
1-3 of 3 Results